Eternal Weekend lodging/travel

Hello! I'm an L2 judge in Milwaukee and looking to split lodging at least, and hopefully driving to EW this year. I would be leaving on Wed and coming back Sun night or Mon morning. It's a 9 hr drive to Pittsburgh and I would rather not do it alone and can't afford to go alone even judging 3 of the 4 days (I have a rd 1 legacy bye). #neverhavekids

I can also pickup in Chicago if driving. I found an airbnb that's in the area that's pretty cheap, otherwise if I can get into a hotel room with others to get a decent price, I would prefer to be closer to the venue.

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You might have success trying to get in with the chicago Old School group - reach out to Danny Friedman and the "Lords of the Pit".

Paging @JACO

As I mentioned in the Milwaukee Magic group - I'll be no help as I'm flying.

Thanks! Really I just need to split lodging atm, I may end up flying too.

@colbey81 by the time you factor in the gas and hassle of driving, the flight isn't all that much of a difference

@rikter right, but if I have someone else, gas is much cheaper than flying and I have the vacation time. Really though, it's the lodging that's the kicker

@colbey81 Do you know Erin Campbell? She's dating one of my best friends - ask her if you know her.. they may have room.

@colbey81 found a cheap air bnb, only 8 min drive from the tourney. I should almost break even.

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