Posting an offbeat list I played to 3-2 finish in a league last weekend. Not running sideboard cards for Delver was an oversight, I expect it would have been an easy 4-1 if I had. The list as posted has a serious problem handling an active Young Pyromancer, even when you're seriously outdrawing your opponent, so a handful of Slice and Dice (or your favorite Pyromancer removal spell) would go a long way.

The list can draw a ton of cards, and cascade makes you suprisingly counter resistant, despite not having access to cheap counterspells.

As Foretold didn't do much, but it was threatening enough to draw opposing countermagic. I suspect I want more than 0 but less than 4. Reviewing the list in retrospect, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy has less to do here than it usually does, but I'm not sure I want anything else more.

This definitely could support more Null Rods, which might be correct in the meta right now.

What made you want to put Cammandeer in your deck? I'm not saying it's wrong, just really curious why that card shone for you.

What about Sensei's Divining Top to Cascade into the card you'd want?

I think having a critical mass of counterspells that aren't going to be hit by cascades is probably the answer to "why commandeer". Keep in mind if you are way ahead on cards (which this deck is trying to do) then commandeer historically has been a playable one of.

The basic idea is it lets me keep my counterspell count up without having to run cards like Flusterstorm/Pyroblast which get cascaded into, and the (sizeable) drawback is mitigated by all of the card draw in the deck. It came into play only once against an Ancestral Recall, but it could have been a Misdirection instead. It's a concession to the cascade strategy.

It's definitely a "fun-of", but I was never too disappointed to draw it.

@garbageaggro and @Brass-Man Yeah, I didn't think about that with the cascade mechanic. It was such an odd thing to see, I was like... what the hell? haha

Anyway, any thoughts on Divining Top? Sorry, just curious.

What would you have used as side board vs delver? The abrades seem at least somewhat useful there.

During the stream he talked about Slice and Dice to blow up young peezy and it's elemental friends. I could also see Sudden Demise. I am also partial to Izzet Staticaster personally.

@walking-dude The trouble with Young Pyromancer is: with only Shardless Agent and Bloodbraid Elf as kill cards, even a few tokens can really mess you up as blockers. I think you really need something that wipes them out. Like @garbageaggro said, my preference is Slice and Dice, but anything that sweeps their x/1s and keeps your board around would work as well.

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Umezawa's Jitte doesn't seem like a bad card to hit on cascade that bolsters your creatures and answers tokens. Furthermore, cascading into Stoneforge Mystic is high value. SFM/equipment seems great for this deck all around. (Probably better than JVP)

When Mentor was a new card, I played Mentor +4 SFM, and I absolutely slaughtered Delver decks at NYSE that year. Just something to consider, I'm sure it's still true.

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