I have seen a big rise in green creatures similar to the days of Noble Fish back in 2010. Back then, it was reasonable to play 2 Parish on your sideboard but today with Eldrazi as the go to budget deck and a meta-game that is influx, I'm not sure. I do not have enough faith in cards like Engineer Explosives to wipe the board and 2 or 3 sideboard slots can be quite valuable in a larger tournament like Vintage Championship. I did well with an Oath deck recently and I wished that I had played 2 Echoing Truth on my sideboard the entire day I was playing. With all of that said, are green decks like Team Leovold are filling the space left by Mentor decks or maybe some people will play Stoneforge Mystic again (I miss that deck). If I'm playing White I always throw in one Supreme Verdict and I'm usually never disappointed so what about Parish or for that matter Chill for Blue/Red Delver decks?