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An interesting bounce spell that splits the difference between Repeal and Echoing Truth. If tokens wane Truth loses some luster, as Tinker bot waxes Repeal gets embarrassing. Repeal is rarely dead as you can bounce your own things. We know Repeal and Truth are Vintage playable so this may be as well.

I like this card. I'm going to get some to play in my casual Not Another Aether Vortex deck. But, Vintage...?

I think it's bad here. It's not useful in the same places where Repeal (Remora) or Truth (tokens) shine. Instead, it's a more generic bounce effect that costs Boomerang mana and then helps you manipulate your top deck. I think this could have been costed at U, it would be fair, and it might actually have a niche. At 1U, it seems even a little worse than Into the Roil.

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At 2 mana I am just going to say no. The Scry is conditional and while it may be on a good amount of the time, there will be a non 0 number of times where something like boomerang may have been better to remove a land against someone who stumbles on mana early.

I also think the scry almost conflicts with Blues manipulation suite at this point, because you have fetches you probably want to use, brainstorm and the like, and the marginal effect you get from this just to get the bonus scry may be wasted because you may already have your top deck set up.

This is 100% vintage playable. No question.

@gkraigher absolutely. particularly for the opposite reasons the poster above suggested. with fetch lands, clearing the top whilst bouncing mox etc is terrific

It can only bounce cards you do NOT control. No bouncing your own Moxen etc


it was not a vintage card.Perilous Voyage looks better than this but vintage-playable?doubtful.

Target creature and target non-land perm are a pretty massive gap. Being able to bounce Null Rod, Stony Silence, Tangle Wire even Oath is a colossal difference. The ceiling of bouncing a tinker-bot remains the same, but you don't get a scry with Perilous.

@gkraigher said in [XLN] Perilous Voyage:

This is 100% vintage playable. No question.

I mean, you could put it into a deck. You could put Squire into a deck. You could put Seeker of the Way into a deck. (Sorry, Rich!)

But what niche does this settle into? What deck is reaching for a 2-mana limited bounce with a scry upside...?

I mean, this 99% of the time is exactly what Echoing Truth is, but this scrye's 2.

Scry 2 is exponentially stronger than scry 1. It's not just a singleton better, but a multiple of it.

This returns any card you don't control. That's infinitely better than returning only a creature.

The closest comparion is repeal. Repeal sees play. I see this as a consideration depending on the environment. This card will see vintage play and it will be a perfectly serviceable card (unlike squire).

@13nova Echoing Truth only saw play when returning multiples was important, right? I don't remember it seeing play unless that was the case. Am I remembering things wrong?

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@fsecco since 2004, Echoing Truth was in and out of many decks: control
Slaver, some gifts boards, etc. the bouncing multiples was sometimes important, but it was just an upside to the best all-around bounce spell available at the time.

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