Curious Homunculus (revisited)

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From an old thread... Is this card something worth looking at as an alternative to the flavour of the month to Seeker of the Way? Even if the first face is a blank, he's usually a 3/4 at upkeep that works a lot like a certain chief of compliance. Just a thought.

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Feels way different in function to me. Besides being bricked against Rest in peace, no lifelink, and a different color, I would think Homunculus would have seen play in a delver style deck by now if he was to be viable at all.

I don't want to say he's not playable, but there are a ton of options in 2 mana big things (Thing in the Ice, good old Goyf) that may take the slot before this guy.

@protoaddct thank you for the response. However I'm not attempting to list every better two-drop. Just comparing one prowess creature to another.

I tried this a bit when it came out, and was pretty disappointed. Building around a flipped copy of this card unfortunately means running cards that are less great when you're trying to flip him (think Intuition vs Preordain). I think Baral, Chief of Compliance has a lot more potential, and even then has some of the same problems. Flipping him immediately on turn 3 is a lot more difficult than I wanted it to be.

If I'm being honest, I don't think Seeker of the Way is particularly great right now either. The decks I've seen running Seeker tend to spend life very aggressively (Sylvan Library, for instance), so I suspect the Lifelink is important in those decks. Even still, I'd bet you could do better with some different sort of card in that slot.

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I've played Curious Homunculus a lot as well and it's nowhere near as good as Baral. The best the Homunculus has been is in Intuition/AK shell (still better off with Baral). The only advantage Homunculus has is to Cunning Wish for Berserk, but that plan is awfully finicky

I think best case scenario, Curious Homunculus is a Baral. But the floor is pretty low on the Homunculus, so it's intuitive to play 4 Baral before the first Homonculus. Dedicated 4x Baral decks are definitely Intuition decks. Also Frantic Search, Regrowth, and Deep Analysis; the mentioned 16-20 cards combine with Baral to form a high power "solidarity" type combo deck. I've found Empty the Warrens then to be superior to Homculous + Berserk.

It's important to consider all options when casting Intuition. Inexperienced players might want to get 3 Accumulated Knowledges to begin with. But piles such as Tolarian Academy, Regrowth, Yawgmoth's Will can be critical to setting up a quick "infinite" chain of spells, and in effect seeing more cards than you would from just a "draw 3".

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Also Homunculus feels pretty bad in a world of Ballistas - specially compared to Baral.

I admit, I've been dorking about in the practice room with an Esper build playing both Seeker AND Homunculus, which I'm sure makes me some kind of Vintage hipster 😉

Not doing anything particular to get value out of him other than play Night's Whisper, plus Yawg's Will. Just a handy little beater, who also allowed me to cut a land, which in these post-Gush days feels quite a luxury against other blue decks. Not saying it's fantastic or anything, but I like the little blighter. With only one lonely Monk in my deck, I've got to beat down with something...

Baral meanwhile I've been playing in a more controlling Slaver style build, but that's another story!

Only just come back to MTGO after a break over the summer... will run some of this nonsense through the leagues and report back. Happy to admit, The Homunculus is probably more a fun/pet card. But life we would be boring if we didn't occasionally try these things!

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