9 September 2017 Proxy Vintage for Harvey Relief @4th Tap [21 players]

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The Lone Star Lhurgoyfs are, of course, based in the great state of Texas. While tha majority of us are based in Houston, we do have members spread througout the state. Stu was looking to mirror the every-other-week cadence of Houston Vintage in Austin. So we planned to bring the Houston Vintage crew to Austin.

And then Hurricane Harvey hit.

Breaking many records and getting its name retired before disapating, Hurricane Harvey throrughly fucked the Texas Gulf Coast. We decided that the already-scheduled Austin tournament would be modified to benefit Hurricane Harvey relief. The entry fee was nearly tripled and the prize pool was juiced as never before. We acquired so many prizes from donations that in addtion to the usual prize pool, we added a raffle for further prizes.

In the end, we counted $922 donated to The American Red Cross benefiting Hurricane Harvey relief.

Many thanks to the following who donated cash, cards, and logistics, the Austin Magic community for coming out and throwing money at us, and the rest of ya'll who have given in any other way.

  • 4th Tap Brewing Co-op
  • Matt Murray
  • Nick Patniyot
  • Pat's Games
  • Patrick Brennan
  • Sean Obrien and Team Tusk
  • Stu Ziarnik
  • Tim Everett

Results and deck lists:

TCDecks Link

  1. Chris Huckabee - Dredge
  2. Steven Whitehead - BUG
  3. Ben Kendrick - Tezzeret Oath
  4. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  5. Benjamin Kennedy - Ravager Shops
  6. Jacob Baltz - Grixis Painter
  7. Nick Patniyot - Salvagers Oath
  8. William Lo - Blue Moon
  9. Patrick Brennan - Ravager Shops
  10. Michael O'Malley - 5 Color Humans
  11. Sean Liu - UR Delver
  12. Robert Connolly - Moon Stompy
  13. David Hibbs - Baleful Control
  14. Stuart Ziarnik - Null Rod Shops
  15. Johny Angulo - Hatebears
  16. Rose Queirolo - White Eldrazi
  17. Bryan Hockey - Oath
  18. Patrick Vincent - UW Landsstill
  19. Tweedy - UR Delver
  20. Sam Craven - Two Card Monte
  21. Matt Jordan - Oath


The Goyfs meet up for some pre-Vitnage chow

Beer menu at 4th Tap

Our final prize pool

Some of Robert's cool foil proxies

Dredge takes down game one of the finals.

Steven starts game two of the finals with a Leyline of the Void - it's not looking good for Dredge!

A Hollow Man powers through multiple pieces of hate to take down the tournament!

I wish I could have been there. I cant wait to see your beautiful face at Eternal Weekend.

Great event, awesome people! Glad I was finally able to join in on the fun. I cannot wait for the next event, and hope to make it down to Houston for the next one.

Cheers guys. We'll be doing a post-mortem podcast episode tomorrow night, so be sure to check that out if nerdy white guy podcasts are your thing.

@CowInAPie: not to expose you to the internet, but who are you? There were a lot of both familiar and new faces.

Our website guy (me) finally got off his fat ass and posted the podcast we recorded about this:


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