Iconic Masters - What do you think is Iconic from the set? (Spoilers)

Hey Mana Drainers!

So I have been at work today, refreshing Mythic Spoiler periodically to see what made it into Iconic Masters. Just my two cents on the cards thus far spoiled that I think are Iconic and why. Let me know which (if any) are Iconic to you that I might be missing, but so far there are not a huge number of "Iconic" cards in the set from my perspective. Here is my list:

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - Just a brutal buff and finisher in Dredge, also has that rockin' Phrexian judge foil

Channel - OG first turn kill combo with fireball!

Knight of the Reliquary - Some really cool instant land-grab combos in Legacy.

Ancestral Vision - Cool take on an even MORE iconic card!

Thoughtseize - Brutal hand disruption that defined standard and was pretty significant in Vintage pre-MM.

Lightning Helix - Epic Pro Tour top deck.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir - Strong ability on a very story-centric card.

Serra Ascendant - Classic first turn beat down in EDH.

Consecrated Sphinx - Wow we have come a long way since ole Mahamoti! EDH all-star.

Grove of the Burnwillows - Combo-rific w/ Punishing Fire.

Mana Drain - Old School Vintage power countermagic!

Flusterstorm - New School Vintage power countermagic!

Primeval Titan - He's called Prime Time for a reason.

Restoration Angel - So many great creatures to blink...Snappy's always been my fave.

Horizon Canopy - Lands deck staple!

Lord of the Pit - He's just so old school cool ... perhaps he hasn't held up the best over the years tho.

It's also good they're reprinting horizon canopy because it should bring the price down a bit which is good for how high it's gotten as of late.

On another note, though it isn't playable I love they're reprinting glimpse the unthinkable. I've always loved the card, the ability is cool, the art is awesome. Just all around enjoy it. Always a fun card to play with casually.

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