I[XLN] Primal Amulet/Primal Wellspring


Primal Amulet

Instants and sorceries you cast cost 1 less.

When you cast an instant or sorcery place a charge counter on this. Then if there are 4 or more charge counters on this, you may remove the cpunters to transform this.

Primal Wellspring
(transformed half)
Tap: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. If this mana is used to cast an instant or sorcery spell, make a copy of that spell, you may choose new targets.

It seems a little slow, but once its a land, well, that land is sum good. Who doesn't like doubling force of will, Gitaxian Probe, Gush, Bounty of the Hunt or Fireblast.....oh wait.

Serious note, could this see play in anything currently, or maybe help spike 5 color MUD? Dropping this turn 1 off Workshop followed by a FoW, Cantrip, Tfk, seems not bad.

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There was a card printed semi-recently Pyromancer's Goggles that is pretty close to this. Should probably be involved in the conversation re: playability.

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Big difference between red only spells off red only mana, and any spell off any color mana.

If this cost 2, it would be worth discussion. See e.g., Baral. At 4, this card is terrible.

You can't run these cards for the Magical Christmas Land scenario. Real life intrudes. There are many better ways to double up on Ancestral.

Turning it into a land may actually make it worse that goggles since stripmine and wastes are a very common, very prominent thing. It feels like after all the effort to make it flip in the first place you need to be able to use it more than once or it was too much for too little in return.

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@hierarchnoble Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear.

So, you want to resolve a 4 mana do nothing, then cast 4 other spells, then make this into a land that copies a spell.

There is so many things I want to say here about (A) the playability of this card and (B) people who actually think this is playable, so I'll save @Brass-Man a ton of time.

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I support 13NoVa's message.

If you're going to play an accelerator, it had better be cheaper than the stuff you're accelerating into.

This is not a good card.

Great in Commander. Doodoo in Vintage.

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