This CU is touched upon on few threads here already and why not give it own thread? Everyone is obviously going to watch the most part of this series anyways.

2017 started with Iron Fist and what a disappointment it was 😞 Acting was poor and the script wasn't spectacular either. If it wasn't part of the MCU i wouldn't have watched it till the end. I still had high hopes for The Defenders but after seeing 4 episodes (minor spoiler alert) it seems like Iron Fist is the focal point in The Defenders and it's a shame. Well im gonna continue till the bitter end!

What film and what series you consider the best in the MCU btw? For series I like Daredevil for films im not sure...

Blade. Maybe Iron Man and X2 Directors Cut. Every other effort has been from bad (Daredevil Affleck, Netflix, most Spiderman attempts, Jane Punisher) to atrocious visual abortions (Ghost Rider, War Zone, Captain America, all FF, Ang Lee Hulk, Iron Fist, Guardians, X3, Xmen first class and the other 2 piles that folllowed).

@nedleeds a lot of what you listed isn't in the MCU.

Both seasons of Daredevil were outstanding. And Luke Cage is the truth. I'm not sure which was better, but they were both superb.

This is DC, but the first season of the Flash was also excellent. Rotten Tomatoes is a good guide to series quality.

@naixin said in Marvel Cinematic Universe:

@nedleeds a lot of what you listed isn't in the MCU.

Well then I give up.

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