Feature request: Collapsible Deck Lists

Decklists take a large amount of space on screen. Often, they are not necessary to the post but augment it. In an article or primer, there may be several decklists, making the primer significantly longer [looking] than it really is. As an example of this, the primer I'm writing on Oath currently has eight decklists so far. By volume, it is primarily deck lists.

Request: Make deck lists collapsible. The collapse function should be at the top (so I can skip the deck if I so choose) but having it also at the bottom would be nice.

Alternate request: A way to mark some section of a post as collapsible. This way decklists could be collapsible but other sections could too. The first use case I'm thinking of for this would be the pictures that appear in many tournament reports.


Most decks cannot stand up on their own as it is.

They are propped up by shoddy foundations that will inevitably collapse on their own.

Building them to be "collapsible" is going to get someone hurt.

It is poor judgment and I urge you to reconsider your request. Think of the peasants.

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