55 players registered for yesterday's Vintage Challenge. Bukatov won with what I believe was a card for card copy of the winning list from last week. Congrats! Thanks to Matt for helping enter match results.

Top 32 Decklists:



Note that shops and mentor were contained to near 50% winrates this week and someone other than Shawn Anthony top8'd with Gifts. Tune in to The Mana Drain tomorrow to see complaining that WOTC either did or did not shake things up with the B&R announcement.


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Some interesting stuff. Omni-tell in 9th, Miracles in 12th, Manglehorn in the 15th place BUG sideboard. Happy to see another decent performance by Uncle_Rico with Merfolk in 24th (3-3; he's T8'd a few previous ones I believe).

Thanks for the quick results as usual @diophan.
Both Shops and Paradoxical are played in high numbers yet both sport a negative win percentage. Sounds like everything is fair game. Or maybe both archetypes need a restriction 😄

Hey i have a methodology question. How are decks like the winning list categorized? Is it Mentor or Paradoxical?


Archetype is Paradoxical (the deck runs four of the them and is typically attacked on that axis).

Tags include everything.


It looks like the winning decklist doesnt suffer dramatically from Mentor restriction. 1 Kambal could be swapped in the MD instead of Mentor#2.
Then some tweaks to the removal/counter package could be done to better target the upcoming Meta.
Seems like a solid starting point to me.

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my new deck =equal butakov paradoxical
1x mentor for 1x snapcaster
Waiting for the new metagame

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