8/19/17 Team Serious Open - Proxy Vintage at Kidforce Collectibles, Berea, OH Results

We had 12 people show up to battle some Vintage. After 4 rounds of Swiss, top 5 made prize based on their standings.

  1. Steven McGrew – Muddy Depths 10 points
  2. Charles Rolko – TKS Shops 10 points
  3. Brian Grinnell – U/G Hollow Vine 9 points
  4. Max Gibson – Grixis Thieves 7 points
  5. Frank Singel – Dredge 7 points

Metagame report:

  • U/G Hollow Vine
  • Grixis Thieves
  • 2 Dredge
  • White Eldrazi
  • Paradoxical Outcome Tendrils
  • White Weenie
  • 2 Mentor
    o Jeskai
    o Miracles
  • 3 Shops
    o Muddy Depths
    o TKS Shops
    o 2 Card Monte

We are trying to schedule an Eternal Weekend Sanctioned Vintage Bye tournament in Columbus Ohio on a Saturday in September. Hope to see you there!

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Brian Grinnell is my fucking hero.

This tournament was a blast. Myself and Brian benefited greatly from our opponents not knowing what the flipjace was going on. I only dropped 1 game and that was from Max t1ing me with 7 mana + Tezz + Time Vault. Matchups were vs Dredge, Mentor, Thieves, and a practice match vs TKS Shops.

Shoutout to @Thiim for the original decklist. My edit from the original main deck was: -1 Urborg, +1 Ancient Tomb, -1 Hexmage, +1 Map. IMO Ancient Tomb might even be better than Workshop in this deck, as it activates everything (Map, Stage, Mirror, Fair). I can't imagine not playing 4.

My change from the sideboard was: -1 Dismember, -4 Mindbreak Trap, +2 Razormane, +3 Wurmcoil. This was specifically for the Shops mirror and Eldrazi. There is a magical Christmas land combo with Mirage Mirror and Razormane Masticore where you copy it after the upkeep trigger for an extra 3 damage shot in the draw step.

Glad I can be someone's hero! Lol. I will post more about how my tournament went if people are interested. The deck was a ton of fun.

@chewybuffalo Give us the full report, the only things i have heard about Hollow One thus far have been theoretical, it would be great to get some impressions from someone with tourney experience with it.

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@garbageaggro I did not play in this tournament but I did write a full post on my experience using 4xHollow One in my dredge list after my last tournament on August 12 if you would like some other insight. It's in the Dredge going into summer 2017 board. Just a heads up. Thank you.

Added the missing decklist.

I would love to see some more information on that Hollow Vengevine deck. That looks like a blast to play.

I think Rich Shay was playing an RG version on his stream. I didn't see the video, just a screenshot.

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