Some more 'cardboard' tournament coverage from Australia

Hi all,

Our region's Vintage Challenge for this quarter (5 rounds of Swiss, ‘cardboard’ not online) has video coverage and commentary, and the playlist can be found at:

We hold a Vintage Challenge in South Australia once every 3 months so we have coverage from the previous tournaments, and also upcoming events are uploaded every quarter (if interested, you can subscribe to the channel and receive an update the moment our next Vintage coverage goes online).

Looking forward to contributing further to the Vintage community in the future too 🙂 Thanks and enjoy! Kind Rgds, S.

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This "enlightened toolbox" deck is awesome 😄 Thanks for posting these! I love getting a glimpse of Vintage in other parts of the world.

@brass-man thanks Brassy! The Enlightened Toolbox deck is coming along, though likely Brendan will make some big changes now with the Mentor boogeyman restricted, maybe I'll ask him to post his new list when he gets the chance 🙂

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