Vintage 101: Something Old, and Something New


Dominarian Domination

Commander 2017 is coming out soon, so I figured that I'd start this week's article by taking a look at a few of the more interesting cards in the set. From what I've seen so far the new Commander set doesn't have much that appears to be Vintage relevant, but taken at face value the cards are very cool. Wizards of the Coast has announced that they will be returning to Dominaria (the original Magic: the Gathering storyline locale) soon. In preparation for this return to Dominaria Wizards has peppered this new Commander set with some old fan-favorite characters from days of Magic past. Continue Reading @

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@islandswamp Fun article. As you suspected Pithing Needle was predominately for Wasteland, which was a good name all day, whether or not Dark Depths was an issue. It's also some maindeckable dredge hate, and for lesser causes, combo stoppers and planeswalkers.


Fascinating list. Part of me really wants to try to port it over to Legacy.

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