13 August 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing Co [6 Players]

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After one of our group won a local PPTQ, there was a bit of celebration which knocked some of us out of commission. As a result, we only managed six players today. On the plus side, that means we can add a round and play round robin! And that's exactly what we did!

After five rounds, Elijah and Shane had the same points, opponent's match win percentage, game win percentage, and opponent game win percentage - a perfect tie through all tie breakers to two decimal places! As Elijah won the heads-up match, he was awarded first place.

Placing / Name / Deck (Click for decklist scan)

  1. Elijah Henley - Staxx
  2. Shane Remelt - Dredge
  3. Ben Kendrick - Splinter Twin
  4. Patrick Brennan - Eldrazi Shops
  5. Sam Craven - 4 Color Control
  6. Matt Covington - UW Mentor


What do you take with Thoughtseize here? Left is your hand, playmat is the opponent's. That Vampiric in their card was countered.

Is this happening?

Sam sees a Splinter Twin for the first time in his life.

Sam, Nice 4CC deck!
These always look like fun.

The thoughtseize question is a really good one. It looks like your opponent has 4 cards in his graveyard. I'm not sure if you know what your opponent is on, but I'll operate under the assumption that this information is unknown.

Option 1: Take Force of will (5 in GY). Your opponent can untap. Fetch (6 in GY), sudden shock DRS (7 in GY) and tap 1 + delve 7 to Treasure Cruise. A savvy player might exile his land with the fetch on the stack, but this just means they have to delve another card to cruise, so not a great choice :P. They have FoW + 4 Random cards and 3 mana to your FoW + Grudge and 2 mana. You would have the option to Grudge the Mox at any time, but seems like a moot point.

Option 2: Take Sudden Shock (5 in GY). Opponent can fetch (6 in GY), and even if you exile the land with the fetch on the stack, your opponent can still Cruise by tapping 3 and delving 5. If your opponent has a land in their GY, then you can cast grudge post thoughtseize on the Mox and they stay GY count neutral, but the fetch will put them @ 6 in GY, then they simply tap 2 lands, delve 6 and still resolve Treasure Cruise. This leaves them with FoW and 4 random cards to your FoW and active DRS. Not a great spot IMO. Same exact line can be taken by exiling your own land if they do not have one to cast the Grudge but end result is they same (and they have +1 cards in their GY).

Option 3: Take Treasure Cruise. Upkeep Grudge the Mox to fade any top decked 3's (Tinker, Dack, Mentor). They fetch and Sudden Shock your DRS. They have FoW + Random card and 2 lands to your FoW and land + Mox. You are both in a top deck war and you are down a card, but I think this is the best possible outcome.

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Nice analysis! I'm the player who was being thoughtseized here. Sam ended up taking the sudden shock and grudging my pearl. I ended up TCing into straight gas.

While I do agree treasure cruise was probably the better name (although there's some definite hindsight bias), I think it's even a bit closer than it looks. Sam was playing 4C control with mana drains, so that deathrite was pretty essential to his mana base. He didn't know what I was on, but I'm generally a combo guy and had just cast a vampiric tutor, so he probably assumed (correctly) it was some type of combo. Keeping the shaman alive to attack my graveyard seems relevant there too.

@benk4 said in 13 August 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing Co [6 Players]:

He didn't know what I was on

You were on fucking Splinter Twin. How was I supposed to guess that?

Anyone know if Hollow One was boarded in and how it did in the Dredge list?

Nice splinter twin deck! I've been considering revisiting mine from NYSE a couple years ago but with blood moon or black for DT Vamp kologhans command

@ydl said in 13 August 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing Co [6 Players]:

Anyone know if Hollow One was boarded in and how it did in the Dredge list?

I know Hollow One came in against me but it never actually hit the field. Mostly because I died so fast.

How do you like your 4cc? Was it solid? Feel good against mentor and shops?

The deck is a lot of fun to play but I did pretty poorly this time out. My thoughts thus far are in the thread for 4C Keeper [here].

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