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I think that one of the most difficult things for non-Vintage players to understand about the format is the subtlety of the way it changes. The tiny changes and evolutions actually have drastic effects on individual decks and the format itself. For instance, we hear about "Workshops" all the time, but what "Workshops" means today is very different from what it meant in the early 2000's. For years Workshops was a (multi)colored deck and it really only bears a superficial similarity to what we see being played today. Here's what "Workshops" meant in 2005... READ MORE

A huge, bigly, and tremendous shout-out to Niels Thiim for taking down this event. I met Niels on Facebook when I first started writing Vintage articles on PureMTGO and posting them to the mostly European group "Magic: the Gathering VINTAGE Players".

Niels reached out to me and we practiced on MTGO a lot. He crushed me with Workshops quite often, and if you've ever wondered why I like Oath so much, he is the reason! Oath was the first deck that I could beat him regularly with. I have always known that he was a great player and I'm glad to see that he did well here. He's also a really nice guy, and that's rare these days it seems.

GGs Thiim!!!!

absolutely second your thoughts on @Thiim . Such a nice and helpful guy. He also helped me practice the shops matchup and had a lot of patience with a learning player.

Very nice article. Thank you.
@Thiim's deck made me fall for shops.

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