[C17] Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist

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So I know this is a long shot, and probably not good enough, but this card has a lot of interesting potential in the current vintage metagame. It seems to have a lot of potential though both against token strategies, and against shops.

First off, its a 3 mana creature, which is certainly playable costwise, downside its in green and white only, limiting the decks it can be played in. Perhaps something related to the Sylvan mentor builds of earlier this year? Its a 3/2 with First Strike, which shapes up very well against most shops creatures except ballista and ravager, and basically every non-TKS creature in white Eldrazi.

Now its triggered and static abilities that make it truly interesting to me. Being a 3/2 with first strike is particularly good vs mentor, and it not allowing the opponent to gang-block means attacking it straight into a mentor with a field of tokens has a high likelihood of it surviving the combat with just a mentor or just a token. A lot of the current mentor decks don't have many offensive instants that allow them to trigger prowess twice on our turn to even contest it resolving outside of force. Because this is an on-attack trigger, even if Mirri dies, you end up with a functionally unblockable army. This would alone would make the token mirror swing hugely in your favor because they can still only block a single creature.

Then you get its second ability, where they can only swing back with 1 creature at a time. This is particularly great when in the token mirror, as they are stuck attacking with 1 token or just a mentor, and you're free to make as many tokens and gang-block etc.

It has a lot of really interesting potential interactions, and potentially gives you an edge in the mentor mirror while having a card that also is not a blank textbox vs shops like pyroblast or flusterstorm is. While I dont expect this to make huge waves I certainly want to try it and see if it can realize its clear potential.

Oh Oh... Pick me! I tested this today. It was... solid average...? It's probably slightly worse than Big Thalia in a Green White Weenie deck against Shops?... that's about where it is.

'Generate a lot of creatures' is a popular and surprisingly successful strategy in Vintage. This card can single-handedly address this vulnerability. However, this card is narrow, slow, and fragile (unfortunately sharing a toughness with Containment Priest in particular).

I think it might find a home in legacy, but Vintage is a stretch unless the format changes to everything being token related.

I bet this is surprisingly solid against dredge so it could pull double duty if it's solid but not great against something else and free up sideboard slots.

Played with her today. She really screws up combat. Like Banding++. Give it a whirl, kids.

It's a cool card that has some application in token world, but if this is their attempt at addressing the situation, we are out of hope. They must not understand how much more it takes to resolve the situation. The Cat would need haste and hexproof to even begin to do what it's supposed to do reliably. Mentor is so ridiculously overpowered that an answer card should be a powerhouse. A card that answers a problem needs to be more efficient than the problem or more powerful than the problem in the context where the problem is involved in game play. The over-powered aspect in that circumstance is inherently balanced by the fact that the answer card is far weaker when the problem card is not present.

@brianpk80 There's no way they had Vintage at all in mind when designing this card. It's designed to either be a commander, or to slot nicely into the GW Cat beatdown archetype they're bolstering. The new cat avatar bro is very strong; this is to go with that.


These are the products where they tend to sneak in a card or two specifically designed for Eternal. IE Containment Priest, Flusterstorm, Dack Fayden, Leovold. It looks to me like they tried to make this card relevant to the token strategies in Eternal without actually coming close to addressing the problem.

Outside of that failed objective though, it is a cool card.

@boggyb said in [C17] Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist:

@brianpk80 There's no way they had Vintage at all in mind when designing this card. It's designed to either be a commander, or to slot nicely into the GW Cat beatdown archetype they're bolstering. The new cat avatar bro is very strong; this is to go with that.

Why can't they be doing both? The cat creature type and colors match the cat archetype. The ability to lock down masses of tokens deals with vintage.

So I did some more testing in a UWG mentor list. I had 1 worldly tutor, 1 green sun's zenith and the usual cantrips and such to find 1 copy of Mirri. I played about a dozen games with a friend on the standard UWR mentor list. In the games where it resolved, which was maybe 5 of those games, I could protect it sufficiently about half the time playing 4 force, 4 misstep, 1 misdirection, 1 flusterstorm. Of those 3 games where it resolved, and lived long enough to untap, it basically completely shut down my opponent's mentors and allowed me to run away with the game very easily. But because it was so unreliable at doing so I don't think it will be good enough.

@l0cke17 excellent post, this is exactly what I want in a SCD thread. Thanks for putting in the work to test and share your results!

I have to admit I dismissed the card entirely at first glance, but this thread has made me curious, at least.

@l0cke17 that's pretty cool to hear - that's was close to my analysis of it, though i also thought that it's first strike would keep it effective against a fair amount of shops builds too

If they let you free up a sideboard spot that otherwise needed to fight dredge would it be worth having? This completely shuts down attacks from zombies, ichorids, prized amalgams and bloodghasts. A reanimated elesh norn is still a problem, but kolegan is significantly weakened by this as well.

@walking-dude That is an angle I had completely ignored. Possibly? The big question in my mind is is it worth losing dack and pyroblast/reb to play it, or do you make your manabase worse vs shops to play it in addition to?

@l0cke17 Note that it doesn' have the defensive ability unless it's tapped. I suspect playing this on turn 3 and attacking on turn 4 is going to be too slow to count as dedicated dredge hate. I would want this postboard against dredge for sure, but I wouldn't want only this

@brass-man Yeah, thats why I was worried about it. Perhaps it has a place in a not-red list with deathrites and a full complement of moxen+mentors to maximize your chances of playing a powerful 3 drop on turn 2?

@l0cke17 It definitely fits naturally in any deck that's running Noble Hierarch (acceleration and exalted both match up nicely), but those decks aren't exactly super popular/successful right now.

Amusingly I have a G/W list with a full complement of Moxes I've been wanting to test for a few weeks now and this might fit right in. Funny how that works!

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