Creature disruption that "stacks"

Some disruption stacks so that each additional one you draw adds more value. One sphere and they pay 1 extra, two spheres and they pay 2 extra. Other disruption doesn't, the first crucible of worlds let's you replay wastelands and the second does nothing.

A lot of prime creature based disruption seems to be the kind that doesn't stack. Thalia is a legend. Kambal is a legend. Rampup Excavator is a crucible effect. Additional sprits of the labyrinth have no additional effect.

I'm doing some brainstorming for a deck that would feature stacking disruption and a lot of clone effects to double up of disruption while simultaneously giving you outs to tinker and certain oath targets.

I'm asking you guys to help me think of as many stacking / non legend disruption creatures as possible. Blue is preferable since the clones are blue, but the deck probably needs at least two colors, so for now list any color you can think of.

Off the top of my head I've got
Meddling mage
sanctum prelate
Scab clan berserker
And harsh mentor


Eidolon of the Great Revel

@walking-dude This is an interesting idea. I have to look more on gatherer. Eidolon of the great revel comes to mind, it should stack but not sure if it is worth having that effect in multiples, and it is red...just a thought

The two fish that I can add to your list are Leonin Arbiter and Thought-Knot Seer. While you're talking about making your deck blue, keep in mind that you might be able to get a tribal synergy going and run Cavern of Souls in your manabase somewhere. A Cavern of Souls naming Human can cast every creature in your opening post, even if it's only the colorless portion of the cost.

Thought-Knot Seer, kind of.

That said in many cases I think your notion of redundancy doesn't really matter. Like, having a second Null Rod does nothing more than the first, but, it may be important to cast the second one to reduce your storm opponent's outs from, e.g., 4 to 2, if they have 2 Chain of Vapor and 2 Hurkyl's. Same goes for Grafdigger's Cage, or single-use redundant cards like Tormod's Crypt.

@walking-dude I would say that for this kind of deck you might want to direct your attention to Red, since damage always stacks. And let's talk for a moment about damage shall we... because in my personal crusade against Null Rod, I've thought about this a lot.

In some sense, every card "stacks" since having another card in hand tends very strongly to be positive value. And having a second, insurance Null on board tends to insure the effect much more than just one. But for the purposes of this discussion, Null Rod does not stack. I have no problem with your definition. I've used it myself many times.

In the same way, Crucible does not stack... But now lets look at Ramunap Excavator. It's effect is the exact same as Crucible. Yet drawing a second Excavator is actually a lot better than drawing a second Crucible (in most cases) because Excavator does damage, and damage always stacks. Two Excavators do twice as much damage as 1, and 4 per turn, while not a huge clock, is 5 turns in the best of scenarios. It's at least real.

So now we have other cards like Pyrostatic Pillar. It stacks. But also it isn't a creature, so it can't attack. Is a 2nd Pillar on board better than Excavator number 2? I dunno. In that particular example it probably depends. If they have a ton of blockers on board than Excavator is probably just bad, but if they can just kill you through Pillar by landing up and hitting 1 huge spell... so it depends... But I would argue, all effects being equal, the Excavators should be better, since they are 3 effects, and the Pillars are 2... that is, the Excavators in total provide 2 damage + 2 damage + the land from graveyards effect.

Now this is all theory, and it's totally dependent on the quality of the effect. Oath of Druids doesn't really stack. (Ok it does, maybe this is a bad example, but you rarely try to or need to trigger both.) Do I mind drawing 2? Not really. That effect is nuts. Some creatures have no effect and are just super efficient damage... Delver of Secrets.

My point is just that there are basically 4 levels of "stackability", No stacking not a creature (Null Rod), No stacking creature (Excavator), Stacking but not a creature (Pyrostatic Pillar), and the ultimate... Stacking and a Creature (Eidolon of the Great Revel).

I just want to point that out. The fact that they are creatures, makes drawing a second one a live draw, if you plan to kill them with damage. Because more damage is always better, with the potential exception that they were dead already.

Lodestone Golem, our lost ultimate stacking brother, lets not forget him. I would also include Deathrite Shaman, Goblin Welder, Cheif of the Foundry (all artifacts cost one less dude? I might have messed up the name), Lotus Cobra, Snapcaster Mage, Dark Confidant, and Baral, as all these help you to either disrupt the opponent or find more options to disrupt the opponent.

@serracollector Holy crap... we are discovering yet another way that Shops is totally insane!

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