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This caught my eye. It combos with time vault and a creature, obviously not as well as Key, but untapping all non land permanents is really strong if your deck is running a lot of mana rocks. Feels like something that an elves deck could also use to good ability.

The art has such personality, I love it 😄

Another tool for Earthcraft Enchantress.....we're almost there.....

If you attack enchanted player do you get 2 untap triggers? Would make an amusing addition to a bazaar of baghdad + life from the loam draw engine deck.

Obligatory "this is a voltaic key that doesn't get misstep'ed" point.


I like that it's attack not dealing damage. Can trigger it with a zero power creature, like enchantress.

I gotta get a playset signed by William Bligh.

@wiley The non-land clause kind of kills that interaction. I also think it only triggers once.

@vaughnbros I was thinking more of being able to cast multiple loams per turn through moxen/mana dorks (1-2 before attacking, dredge them back and cast them again post combat), allowing more abuse of bazaar's filtering. Too bad Vinelasher Kudzu and Lorescale Coatl/Chasm Skulker don't have any evasion.

The double trigger would have been good for any bug deck running deathrite and a mox jet. Oh well.

Too bad a UGw noble heirarch time vault deck would probably lose to walking ballista much of the time.

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