This past Saturday my buddy Matt and I hosted the first of hopefully many Old School Magic charity tournaments at Ready to Play Trading Cards in Cayce, SC. First of all, I would like to thank Lon Starkey for hosting the tournament, dealing with the crazy judge calls, and helping with the organization. We ended up having a total of 14 players and raising over $200 for Harvest Hope Food Bank. We had players travel from Atlanta, Charleston, Chapel Hill, and around the Columbia area to participate. We had side events like a chaos orb flipping contest (with a CE Chaos orb for 1st place and an oversized Chaos Orb for 2nd), a riffle shuffle challenge (the point was to complete the most shuffles in 2 minutes and destroy the bulk we provided), and some raffle and door prizes. Thanks everyone for coming out!

We had 5 rounds of Swiss followed by a cut to the top 4. The Top 4 consisted of:
1st Place-Teddy Carfolite on White Weenie
2nd Place-Ash Anabtawi on Bant Fatties
3-4th-Place Lon Starkey on Mono Blue Merfolk (5-0 in the Swiss rounds)
3-4th-Andrew Werner on UR Burn

I don’t have the complete deck lists yet but when I get that information from Lon I will make sure to put all of them up. The metagame included white weenie, ernhamgeddan, UR burn, mono blue merfolk, jund, mono-blue stasis, and BW control (sorry if I’m forgetting anybody from this). This event arose out of 2 friends wanting to try to get more people involved in an obscure unsanctioned format that they played alone while drinking beer. Hopefully this is the start of a budding old school community in South Carolina and will continue to grow and see better and better turnouts. We actually already have people asking when the next one will be (It will be in December guys and when I have dates I will be sure to post it around the interwebs for everybody). I’d also like to shout out to the two Team Tusk members who made the drive from Atlanta (sorry I am totally blanking on your names right now and I apologize) and supporting more events in the southeast. For those of you who are not members there is an old school magic Facebook group for the southeast and I encourage any of you interested in the format to join the group (Southeast MTG Old School). It is run by our 2nd place finisher Ash Anabtawi from Charleston.

Overall it was a great event and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Ironically myself and Matt finished terribly in the tournament we had the idea for and helped organize but it was the most fun I’ve had playing Magic in a few years. Again, many thanks for the participants in the tournament and we are hoping to grow more interest in the format in South Carolina and regionally in the southeast. All the best from one of the Magical Hacks!