[Podcast] Vintage Community Building

Last weekend, the Lone Star Lhurgoyf crew hosted our Vintage Invitational. Wednesday at 7:30 PM Central, we'll have a live cast to discuss the invitational and our community as a whole. We'll be focusing a lot on how we've built our community over the past several months and what others looking to build a Vintage community should do.


We'd love your feedback. If you have any questions, post 'em here or join the chat when we go live.

edit: This is now posted: http://lonestarlhurgoyfs.com/2017-08-09-Podcast-Vintage-Community-Building/

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Should be fun. I look forward to asking some hard-hitting, no-compromise questions of you guys.

@rbartlet said in Vintage Community Building Livecast 9 August 7:30PM CDT:

Not on twitch? 😛

Hangouts live on air makes it so stupidly easy to live stream to YouTube and then output to mp3 that I haven't given much throught to an alternative.

This sounds awesome. I'm not sure if this is great for me schedulewise, but if it works out, I'm watching for sure

@thecravenone for full disclosure: I work at Twitch, so I am always interested in reasons why people use other platforms!

@rbartlet Got any suggestions on how to livepodcast on Twitch? Seems like the best option is screen capturing a Skype or similar window.

@thecravenone screen capture+skype is how I've done similar things in the past

OBS/Xsplit will let you select your input source (whether it is skype or any other video calling software), and you can stream that to Twitch pretty easily.

Looking forward to chatting with you guys. Should be fun!

Cast has completed. Everything is up at http://lonestarlhurgoyfs.com/2017-08-09-Podcast-Vintage-Community-Building/

Click there for pure audio or YouTube video stream. Be warned that there's a beer break halfway through.

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