Eternal Weekend Vintage Trial - Denton, TX - 08/20/2017

Join Madness Comics for a Vintage Eternal Weekend Trial!

Entry is $20 (a $1 processing fee will be charged on card payments) with $20 in store credit into the prize pool per player.

Guranteed payout of $140/$70/$35/$35

We will use MTR appendix E for number of rounds/cut (same as for GPT or PPTQ).

This is a Sanctioned Vintage event - NO PROXY CARDS.

Pre-registering is preferred. If registering via e-mail (MadnessComics@gmail), Square invoices will be sent. No registrations over Facebook will be accepted.

Address: 2317 W University Dr Suite 185, Denton, TX 76201
Phone: (940) 591-9771

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I'm coming down and bringing another person with me.

Nice. Glad to see someone else coming from OK to battle. I am pretty damn excited about this.

Sorry for the delay in posting results, but I forgot to snap pictures of the decklists before I left and had to wait on them to be sent to me.

We had 15 players show up and played 5 rounds with a cut to top 8. Here are the lists and final finishes for the top 8.

Huge thanks to Madness Comics and Games for scheduling the event and to all the players that came out to support sanctioned vintage!

Thanks for typing this up Jon. This event was super fun, makes me look forward to EW even more.

I love that lands list. Though I'm amazed it worked. Did anyone see it in action? And what did it plays against?

@walking-dude He played against WB Hatebears, Landstill, Mentor, and Eldrazi for sure. Don't know what the rest of his matches looked like.

does anyone have contact info for Brady? I'm interested in porting lands (non-powered at first) from Legacy and would love to chat with him.

@warfordium Hey man! Happy to chat with you about it. My email is

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