Two Trials at Grand Prix Minneapolis (8/6 and 8/7)

Both events were straight swiss, with 4-0's at the end playing it out if there were more than 1.

Jeskai Mentor won Saturday. 11 Players.
UB DepthStill won Sunday. 13 Players.

I do want to add a caveat to this, as someone who also played in these events.

The TO wasn't initially going to run them as Swiss. They were advertised as such. However, when we assembled at the Gathering Point, we were informed by a judge that because there were less than 16 of us that it had to be single-elimination if we wanted to play for the bye. We were told this is what Nick Coss wanted, and that the TO was simply going along with his wishes.

It was only after Solly personally called Nick that the TO reversed their stance, and we were allowed to play four Swiss rounds, with the 4-0 players receiving the bye.

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