Vintage Metagame Data Archive

Since the current TMD archive is down, I found the cache so folks can read all of the metagame reports that have ever been generated.

For ease of use, I've compiled them all here:






Q4 Report:

2010-05-03 So Many Insane Plays – The Q1 2010 Vintage Earnings and Market Report
2010-02-22 So Many Insane Plays – The Vintage Market Report


2009-09-21 So Many Insane Plays – Vintage/Legacy Split Article
2009-08-04 May/June 2009 LARGE-scale Metagame Report
2009-07-28 May/June Small-scale Metagame Report
2009-05-11 So Many Insane Plays – The Most Dominant Engine in Vintage History: The March/April Vintage Metagame Report
2009-03-16 So Many Insane Plays – Reflections on Chicago / The Jan-Feb Vintage Metagame Report
2009-01-19 So Many Insane Plays - Restrict Mana Drain? The November-December Metagame Report


2008-11-10 So Many Insane Plays – What’s Winning in Vintage? The September/October Vintage Metagame Report
2008-09-22 So Many Insane Plays – Walking Through the Ruins of the Vintage Apocalypse
2008-07-21 So Many Insane Plays –The May/June Vintage Metagame Report
2008-06-16 So Many Insane Plays – The March/April Vintage Metagame Report
2008-03-17 So Many Insane Plays - The Jan-Feb Vintage Metagame Report
2008-01-02 So Many Insane Plays – Rounding Out The Vintage Year


2007-11-07 So Many Insane Plays - Vintage By The Numbers
2007-08-15 So Many Insane Plays - Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Figure: A Vintage Metagame Report


2005-06-30 May-June Type One Metagame Breakdown
2005-06-01 April Type One Metagame Breakdown
2005-05-02 Vintage Metagame Breakdown: March
2005-03-14 As Much Info As You Can Handle - The Jan-Feb Vintage Metagame Report
2005-03-04 Functional Breakdown of Vintage Cards From Dec-Jan
2005-02-14 The December and January Vintage Metagame Report


2004-12-10 Oct-Nov Vintage Metagame Summary
2004-12-02 Examining the Vintage Metagame - Analysis of The Ultimate Table, Part Deux
2004-11-08 Examining the Vintage Metagame - Analysis of The Ultimate Table
2004-10-12 The September Vintage Metagame Breakdown
2004-09-13 The August Vintage Metagame Breakdown
2004-08-20 The July Metagame Update and The Crucible Effect
2004-07-26 The June Vintage Metagame Breakdown
2004-07-02 April-May Type 1 Potpourri
2004-06-23 May Metagame Breakdown
2004-06-15 September to April, Part 2
2004-05-28 September to April: There and Back Again for Type One
2004-05-06 The April Type One Metagame Breakdown
2004-04-14 March Type One Potpourri
2004-04-06 March Metagame Breakdown for Type I
2004-03-25 All Request Live For Type One
2004-03-15 February Type One Potpourri
2004-03-08 February Type One Metagame Breakdown
2004-03-03 All The Little People - Metagames for Small Vintage Tournaments
2004-01-21 Designing Cards For Vintage, Part 2: And Most Popular Cards In Type I Are...
2004-01-13 Number Crunching Type I: Designing Cards For Vintage
2004-01-02 Number-Crunching Type 1 for 2003

The data is quite rich, and I have even more data I've accumulated over time in my personal files.

If you can't find any of those articles, they are all hyperlinked on the cache.

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Thanks for this, Steve. This is incredibly useful.

What's interesting here specifically Q1-2016:
Decks with Workshops: 30%
Decks with gush (mentor/delver/doomsday): 21%
Note that the Mentor decks don't necessarily play GUSH (IE Bob MEntor, Counterbalance Mentor) so there's actually probably 5 less decks calculating toward the percentage

But sure... Workshops was fine, and Gush is the problem.

Soly is correct.

We added a new tab last night on premier events that is highly insightful, and may go a long way to explain the DCI's decision.

Take a look at it. We color coded Gush and Shop decks and provided grids that show Top 16, 8, 4, finals, and winners - as well as for all 5 MTGO p9 challenges and just Q1.

Thanks for the link Stephen, and thank you for the time and effort invested in this task.

The date in this document is just amazing.

Keep it up!

I've updated the OP, and will try to continue to update it, and format is for better presentation over time.

And, for reference, the bulk of them at the bottom are readable on the archived Vintage Encylclopedia, available here:

You may want to bookmark the OP and that post.

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