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Yes, it's silver-bordered. My question is, would this be Vintage playable? Assuming you're willing to spend half as much on your Nerf blaster as on your Force of Wills, you can probably discharge 144 darts.
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Downside, you have to pick up 144 darts.

My thought is that you can't reliably cast a 5 mana sorcery, but that it would reliably do 20 damage.

Man I want that Sword of Dungeons and Dragons for my cube!

@themonadnomad said in [SCD] Nerf War:

Man I want that Sword of Dungeons and Dragons for my cube!

High res looks sick:

Strategically, I am never going to use new sleeves again. The dirt and grim will help keep the sleeves from being too slippery.

It's not because I am cheap.

I meant to respond to this thread 20 days ago... But I forgot.

As someone with a decent nerf collection, I can assure you, this card is a kill. 100% of the time. Not close.

Because theory crafting is fun, I do think this card would be vintage playable. We don't have anything really close to a castable one card kill right now, so traditional evaluation doesn't really work. I think this compares favorably to time vault, and probably does everything vault /key does but better

Nah, you just need to not have enough cards in your library for it to not be a kill. Easy. More demonic consultations!

Strategically speaking, there is nothing in the rules about covering the top of your library with your Hand

@treblocaz possibly, but also nothing in the rules about not using a nerf gun that would seriously injure someone who did that!

@brass-man I would imagine you need to use official Hasbro nerf guns, so any custom or modified stuff is out.

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