9/10/17 - 2nd Annual Goober Memorial Tournament - Worcester, MA

Last year I hosted the first annual memorial Magic the Gathering tournament for Steven Christopher Marshall, Goober to his friends. We had a great turnout of friends and family, gave out some amazing prizes, raised over $800 for Child's Play, and most importantly, carried on Goober's fun-loving yet competitive spirit by playing his favorite game.

The second annual tournament will be on Sunday September 10th, in the Odeum of the Campus Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The tournament will start promptly at noon, and will be unlimited proxy. I'll post a map of the campus when we get closer to the event. More details can be found on the Facebook page for the event.

Entry fee will be $25 either in advance through GoFundMe, or in cash at the door. Prizes for the top 8 will be, at a minimum:
1st Place - Volcanic Island + canvas print of original Dark Ritual art
2nd Place - Tundra
3rd/4th Place - Force of Will
5th-8th Place - Wasteland

I'd love to see you there!

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In addition the cards, prizes for top 8 will also include a playmat. Deadpool was his one of his favorite comic book characters, and Goldeneye was his favorite video game, so the playmats are in reference to them.
There will be more prizes to come as well! Please let me know if you think you can attend, and please spread the word to anyone who might be interested. Thanks!



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Might be able to attend this year. Will put it in my calendar.

@enderfall Awesome, happy to hear that! Will you be at Gamingetc tomorrow?

@revengeanceful unfortunately no. Seems like I have plans every 1st Saturday of the month these days.

This is just a week away! Hoping to see some of you there! If you can make it, please let me know so that I can start getting a rough idea of how many players I'll have. Right now I have at least 16, but the more the better!

Hopefully I should be there for this one.

This is tomorrow! Come play some Vintage and help us raise money for a good cause! Parking at WPI will be allowed in the Park Ave. garage, and the event is on the third floor of the Campus Center. Map with recommended walking path between the two is attached. Directions on how to get into the parking garage are here:
Hope to see you there!
0_1504990772189_Parking and Campus Map.png

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If anyone coming tomorrow could bring me a Sunscorched Desert it would be helpful. In the process of getting ready to move and my draft chaff is in storage.


@englishnh I put out the call for one in the Facebook event, hopefully someone comes through. If not, can always proxy one.

EDIT: We got one, you're all set.

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