The Comic Book Depot Vintage 1K 8/20/17

The Comic Book Depot presents Vintage 1K

Sunday August 20th
Sign-ups starts at 11:30pm
First Round 12:00pm

Fee: $30.00

Prize structure for 30 competitors:

1st: $400 store credit
2nd: $200 store credit
3rd-4th: $100 store credit
5th-8th: $50 store credit
The above prizes goes up or down depending on attendance.

15 Proxies allowed

If we hit 30 players or more we will be raffling of a Force of Will from Alliances

The Comic Book Depot
2847 Jerusalem Ave
Wantagh NY 11793

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Just my constructive criticism, can you list the city/state/country in the future? A non-zero number of people probably saw this post and googled to figure out where you were...It would actually be great if the title of every tourney announcement had that info it.. mean no offense, just chiming in (and giving you the free bump!) 🙂

@loukayza I can't believe I left out my address. Thanks for letting me know. I just fixed it.

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