Changelog 7/23/2017 - Category Restructure

In an ongoing effort to make the site more user-friendly, I've made some changes to the way we organize Categories/Subfora to better reflect (and direct!) how people are using the site.

As always after any site changes, please let me know if you see any unusual or broken behavior (here or on Twitter @tmdBrassMan)

Vintage News

Vintage around the Web has been renamed to the more-clear Vintage News. Vintage News topics should be limited to links and descriptions of vintage articles/content/relevant news happening offsite. This is largely how the category was being used already, so you shouldn't see much of a change here. I'm asking new topics posted in the Vintage News subforum to always include and begin with a link, for the sake of consistency/easy navigation.

Single-Card Discussions

Single-card discussions have been given their own subcategory beneath Vintage Strategy. This should help people find information about new cards quickly, and reduce some of the noise for users who are less excited by threads about non-established cards.

TMD ProTip: You can set a Watching/Ignoring Toggle on the subcategory page to enable or disable topics in that category from showing up in your unread threads inbox.


The TheManaDrain Metadiscussion category has been turned into subcategory under Vintage Community. The Feature Request subforum has been removed entirely, and the posts there were moved to TheManaDrain Metadiscussion (new feature requests and site suggestions should just go there). There just wasn't enough activity on the meta board to justify using up that precious home-page space. This change is unlikely to affect anyone significantly.

Vintage Tournaments

The Tournament Announcements Subcategory has been removed entirely. Current users were posting half of the tournament announcements in the parent Vintage Tournaments category, and half of the announcements in the Tournament Announcements subcategory, making it very easy to miss an event if you checked the wrong place, and annoying for TOs to figure out where the announcements belong. Existing announcements have all been moved to the general category, which should make things easier on everyone. (Some announcements for older events which have already happened haven't been migrated yet, but they will be eventually, it's a tedious, manual process)

Most posts in the general Vintage Tournaments category were already tournament announcements. I'd like that category to be limited to strictly announcements now. Other non-announcement posts, like "are there regular tournaments in my metagame?" or "Do TO's/Judges usually allow X" should be posted in Vintage Community instead

@Brass-Man said in Changelog 7/23/2017 - Category Restructure:

Most posts in the general Vintage Tournaments category were already tournament announcements. I'd like that category to be limited to strictly announcements now.

I like the changes from your post, except that, regarding the portion I've quoted above, can't you call the new general category "Tournament Announcements" since that's what you want it for? Otherwise it would sound broader than you seem to intend for it to be.

Also, where do results get posted now?

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Official Tournament Results and Tournament Reports are still subcategories, and reports/results should continue to go there.

Realistically there were very few posts in that category that weren't actually announcements, looking back now I can only find one this entire year. I'm not too worried about the category sounding to broad, but if it ends up being a problem I'll probably change the name

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