Lone Star Lhurgoyfs Season 1 Invitational July 29th

I am pleased to annouced the first ever Lone Star Lhurgoyf Invitational!

As you may know, for the past few months, the winner of our Vintage tourmanets gets to take home our prize mat. The prize mat is now quite full and we must determine its final owner.

Eight of the most frequent attendees to our Vintage tournaments have been invited for a full round-robin tournament for final bragging rights.

thecrav, why the fuck do I care?

Because every round will be streamed with commentary! Tune in Saturday, July 29th at 12:30 PM Eastern to watch 8 Lhurgoyfs play vintage, bullshit, and get drunker as the tournament goes on.

Check back here next week for all eight decklists and the first few rounds of pairings.

Dude, I'm freakin' stoked for this! Can't wait to see the decklists posted within a few hours!

Everyone has submitted their decks and we're finally ready to announce!

Players and decks

In alphabetical order by first name:

Arjune Bose - UR Delver
Ashby Graves - Powerless Eldrazi
Ben Kendrick - UWr Mentor
Joe Kington - Paradoxical Storm
Patrick Brennan - Staxx
Sam Craven - Two Card Monte
Tim Everett - Merfolk
Will Miertschin - Is it Welder?

Stream info

The stream will go live at 12:15 Eastern with round one starting promptly* at 12:30 on twitch.tv/LoneStarLhurgoyfs .

What do you want to see?

We're playing a full round-robin, so every match will occur. Are there any matches that look particularly interesting for streaming? Current nominations from the group are:

  • Paradoxical Storm v Merfolk
  • Welder v Staxx
  • UR Delver v UWr Mentor

Call for mods

If you're interested in helping mod the chat, please message me here, tweet at @TexasLhurgoyfs or email sam at seemsgood dot com with your twitch username.

See ya Saturday!

Awesome spread of decks, including a few I wouldn't expect - Patrick without Ballistas? Ben doing "fair" things? Ashby willfully playing unpowered in a proxy event? Should be interesting; I'm bummed I can't be there (or watch it, for that matter).

@Stuart Yeah, I figured straight-up ravager shops was too obvious. Time to spread some null rod love myself. And also Staxxx. Yeah, disappointed you can't make it.

@Stuart said in Lone Star Lhurgoyfs Season 1 Invitational July 29th:

Awesome spread of decks

I'm super excited about the deck selection. It should make for some fun to watch matches. Everyone submitted blind, so there was definitely a chance of duplication. I think everyone knew that and aimed for something fun rather than their perception of the best deck.

@Stuart said in Lone Star Lhurgoyfs Season 1 Invitational July 29th:

Ashby willfully playing unpowered in a proxy event?

He's borrowing a handful of cards so that he will also be full no-proxied!

First two rounds of feature matches:

Round 1 12:30PM EDT:
Commentary: Sam (me) and Will
Feature Match: Tim (Merfolk) v Joe (Paradoxical Storm)
Backup match: Ashby (Jacodrazi) v Arjune (UR Delver)

Round 2
Commentary: Ashby and Ben
Feature match: Will (UR Welder) v Patrick (Staxx)
Backup match: Joe (UWr Mentor) v Arjune (UR Delver)

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