Hello all, I am relocating to PA for work in early August. I will be about an hour or so West of Philly. I am hoping someone can point me to some good places to play vintage in the Southern PA area, if there is any? Both tournament and casual play. I play paper format only. Hoping to get in some good play in a new area. Thanks for any suggestions!

You're better off going to Philly for Topdeck Games.

Deal me in games in Boyertown, Pa. If you are an hour west of Philadelphia you are right in our back yard. In fact, we have a vintage tournament (15 proxy) coming up August 12.

What town are you moving to? I grew up in the Harleysville area and currently live in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly. Top Deck Games and Deal Me In Games are your real two options. I used to travel to The Player's Guild too, but that's more of a hike than the others.

@hierarchnoble My new job is in reading, I am an attorney so I transferred to a firm there. Bought a home in the Douglassville area.

@POXEVERYTURN Deal Me In Games is definitely your closest venue. The Player's Guild and Top Deck Games are tied for second.

As I pm'd you pox, I live in douglassville myself. We could be neighbors. Also there are a number of very active vintage players in Pottstown, Hereford, Lancaster etc. All within 35 mins of us.

Thank you both for the info! Really look forward to getting in some good vintage play in the area!

As a fellow Pennsylvanian, I'm sure we will be crossing paths soon enough. I normally attend TDG's monthly vintage events, but also philly larger events and Baltimore. Looking forward to meeting.

@studderingdave Excellent. I look forward to meeting at one of the events!

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