So, I just found out Kormus Bell has an errata that makes swamps black, which is extra weird since the original card stated clearly that they had no color.
I remember there were a lot of discussions on this kind of policy a few years ago.
What's the best channel to talk to Wizards about this?

I know it's an irrelevant card, but I'm always curious on policy regarding errata. They recently changed Winter Orb back to the original intent (not working when tapped) so maybe they're willing to redo these?

@fsecco It's not really errata (well, I don't know, depends on how you define errata) The 4th edition (most recently printed) version of the card spells out that they're black. "Most-recent printing" seems to be the tiebreaker when versions dont' agree, I don't know if there are any exceptions to that.

I agree that it's super weird that the two versions are so different.

@Brass-Man Yeah I know, but 5th Edition Winter Orb had a different text than Eternal Masters one. It seems like the 4th edition text was a mistake - it's funny when a card has 5 printings and the text that's in 1 of them is the "right one"...

@fsecco When in doubt, consult Oracle. Regardless of what is printed on the card, the Oracle version is the one you use.

My brother plays kormus bell in old school, and has to have this conversation basically the first time each match the card is played.

@rikter You actually realize I'm not in doubt of what the card does and am fully aware of its Oracle text, right?

@fsecco Clearly not, or I wouldn't have responded!

I like how the Alpha version goes so far out of its way to mention that Swamps have no color and therefore they are not considered Black creatures, and then the card is later printed saying that they're 1/1 Black creatures. What were they smoking?

@DeaTh-ShiNoBi haha yeah, there are a lot of examples of cards with very different text, but this has to be one of the worst

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