I've been seeing a trend lately on MODO that's starting to grate at me, and it goes something like this:

Game 1: Opponent wins with T1 Tinker
Game 2: Opponent plays T1 Tinker again, but barely loses due to being fended off by Tangle Wires.
Game 3: I play T1 Trinisphere.
Inevitably in the chat there will appear, "LOLOLOL! Nice pull! If that's not luck I don't know what is!" or some other such remark.

Similarly if I'm playing Oath and I get a T1 Oath, or "luckily" dig into one of my 9 outs over the course of 5 turns in a stalled game, I'll get an earful in the chat.

Now I know that it sucks to lose in a blowout and that a bit of trash talk is all part of the game, but is it too much to ask that in Vintage, the format of "so many insane plays" on both sides of the table, we keep a little bit of perspective?

Welcome to ANY online endeavor.

I really feel comments like those are so unnecessary. You've built a deck to have the chance to draw the cards you draw, not you're fault it works sometimes. Just try to ignore it and be a gentleman yourself, nothing gets to salty persons like not being bothered by their comments.

It's much easier to talk shit when you don't have to identify the other player as a human.

Or, if you're me... you just talk shit anyway.

As far as "people being terrible to you in an online game", MTGO has been pretty light for me compared to other games I've played. Still, as a rule I play with the chat window minimized unless I know my opponent personally (and even then I often keep it minimized anyway). I find MTGO chat just doesn't add to the experience to me in the same way that chatting with my an-person opponent might. I wouldn't recommend engaging with an opponent who talks that way.

Alternatively, start streaming so you can have your Twitch chat make fun of you instead.

I have not had too much issue with salty players in vintage. Definitely in other formats on MTGO. I just ignore the chat if that's how they behave. It's them not having fun, not me. plus, they are only salty when they lose, which means I won against a salty jerk that deserved to lose anyways. Feels even better than a normal win to me!

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