So I was fortunate enough to purchase about 2 1/2 boxes worth of what are now commonly referred to as "Edgar" booster packs in 1994. I actually ran an auction for many of those cards on a primitive Geocities website the following year (much to my regret). At the time it seemed prudent, and of course I recall the joy I felt at yielding $40 for an Underground Sea or the $120 I received for one of my blue Hurricanes, but hot damn have the values skyrocketed since then. Douglas Schuler reached out to me back then for my "Edgar" Serra Angel, but I for some reason kept that one (until it was stolen along with my entire collection in 1997). I'm just curious if any of you ran into that misprint set as well. I purchased them in Kingwood, TX (a suburb of Houston), and the "legend" of that set and its accidental limited release still fascinates me. Perhaps it isn't altogether pertinent to Vintage strategy per se, but I do wonder as to where else these cards might have cropped up across the country.

My eyes literally widened as I read your post. Compared to the average magic player, I have a pretty nice collection, but I've never really been at the dealer/hardcore collector level. The legend of Summer Magic has been in the back of my mind since long before I owned my first piece of power or played my first game of vintage. There are people out there with a lot more kicking around, but some of my most prized MtG possessions are my 2x Summer Island and 1x Summer Brass Man. While I own cards that are more expensive, my summer cards seem somehow more special to me. I've seen plenty of Alpha Black Lotus at vintage tournaments, my Summer Brass Man is the only I've ever seen in person.

While I'm sad to hear that you lost your summer collection in 1997, I'm also a little bit jealous that you got to be a part of magic history in that way.

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