Every now and then I like to revisit old ideas. Natural Order was good in legacy for a while and never really ported over to vintage.
If I was to use Natural Order as a sort of tinker in a deck with green in it, what would be the best target? Theres been a few interesting printings in the past few years. There has to be something better than Progenitus.

@John-Cox Craterhoof Behemoth?... is that better? I think you've identified the problem.

Verdant Force? Vorinclex? Terastodon? Worldspine Wurm? Yeah doesn't seem great...

clearly you should just Natural Order Primeval Titan, then fetch up Thespian's Stage and Dark Depths.

@Hydra I ... like this plan.

Now I just need green creatures to sacrifice

@Brass-Man Use Burning-Tree Emissary and/or Hidden Herbalists so that you don't invest extra mana in the combo.

@Brass-Man Green Sun's Zenith for Dryad Arbor or Deathrite Shaman.

I'm playing around with a maverick port with Natural order and hate bears. My green creatures are the GSZ tutor package and dryad militants currently. it's a ton of fun. I had been using Dragonlord Atarka

@Brass-Man Dryad Militant and GSZ is enough for this to work.

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Dryad Militant is a house against the Mentor draw engine - shaming JaceVP, Snapcaster, and the delve spells. Not sure it's worth Misstep exposure, but I think so, since if not, Blue has plenty of ways to pitch Misstep without problem.

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The thing is if it doesn't get mistepped your GSZ for dryad arbor could, or your Deathrite Shaman. These decks don't have a lot of one drops so at some point you have to concede to the possibility of misstep.

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