Vintage 101: Brew Something!

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Brew Something!
Vintage has a huge card pool, but unfortunately many of the cards are just not good enough to rise to the top. The people grinding games on Magic Online also tend to reveal what the best decks in the format are too, so people tend to simply copy the best-performing decks instead of trying anything new. Luckily there are a few people willing to burn a few tickets or play points to try something different. For those of you who brew, I salute you.

Iamactuallylvl1 may actually be next level, I don't know yet. He's crazy enough to play an updated take on Jer Beav's Splinter Twin deck in Vintage so perhaps he's a mad genius. CONTINUE READING

QotD: *My opinion is just that, my opinion. Everyone is entitled to having an opinion, and mine is not "right" or "important." *

@hierarchnoble thank you very much. I keep writing these due to the overall kind reception and demand for the content. Lately it's been hard to find any time to write anything so I've considered taking a break.

@Islandswamp if you gotta take a break, you take a break. Vintage will be right here where you left it. That's one of the things that's great about it!

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