Vintage Challenge - 7/8/2017

@The-Atog-Lord said in Vintage Challenge - 7/8/2017:

But an Atog just did. The Gifts deck is good.

Until tonight, I had never seen an Atog Manamorphose before.

@The-Atog-Lord But I'll bet your BAC was significantly lower than @Brass-Man

Seriously doubt that would make much of a difference. Gifts is hard, yo!

@Brass-Man Gifts Ungiven has been the best singleton Bomb in my Mentor Deck.


I've tossed around the idea of playing a singleton Mentor as a bomb in my Gifts deck.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems to me that there were fewer Flusterstorms in this challenge amongst better performing Mentor lists than in previous weeks. I've found that Flusterstorm has been a bit weaker in Mentor decks given the increased presence of artifact mana in the metagame - particularly when trying to defend spells.

Does anyone have any thoughts on Flusterstorm and its current position in the metagame?

@Jeb-Springfield I think it has declined as more copies of pyroblast have seen play. The pyroblast is able to deal with jaces which has currently put it over the top.

@Jeb-Springfield I've been very happy with 0 Flusterstorm since the restriction (and probably before, but definitely now).

Like @KingLeovold, I tend to prefer Pyroblasts, which can hit both Jaces and Dack Fayden. There's also a tendency for Outcome decks to start their turn by playing Outcome, with lots of mana floating, making Flusterstorm dead.

Gifts in Mentor is certainly viable. If you are playing multiples of Snapcaster and JVP, I would recommend it. It's likely better than Compulsive Research. If people want a starting point...

9th place? Well, anyone who has streamed knows that streaming has the tendency to increase your chances of making game-altering blunders. That's what happened in my win and in, when I talked through a line of fetching Volcanic, playing a Dack, stealing opponent's Mox, and setting up subsequent plays, then clicked on Tundra and lost the game without access to red mana.

@Jeb-Springfield Flusterstorm is best at defending your own spells and blowing opponent's out at instant speed. I love it in Thirst and Gifts shells, but when you are counting on Flusterstorm to stop your opponent's threats, it's can often be a worse version of Spell Pierce. Like all Magic cards, Flusterstorm vs. Pyroblast is a matter of context and in the typical Gush Mentor shell, Pyroblast will typically be better.

Thanks for the replies @ChubbyRain, @Brass-Man and @KingLeovold. Pre restriction, I would always play a 2 - 2 split of Flusterstorm and Pyroblast in Mentor decks but have found Flusterstorm to be less good since the restriction.

Last week I spent an evening trying out Scabs' Esper Mentor deck. His list played 3 Flusterstorm and I was interested to see how it would perform against Jeskai Mentor. We played for about 5 hours and it didn't go well for Esper. One of the things I missed most was Pyroblast, especially because my friend was playing 2 Jace, TMS which was often quite tough to deal with.

As Matt said, I have also found that Flusterstorm is quite strong in Thirst for Knowledge & Paradoxical Outcome decks.

Thanks again for your replies!

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