DR Shaman or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BUG(R)

Could the 3rd Painful Truths or 1 of the Jace TMS be a second Engineered Explosives? EE is just REALLY good against ALL 3 of those decks you mentioned whether it be vs a slew of Moxen, Thorns, Tokens, or 2 drop dudes. Just a thought.

@Serracollector there aren't many games where I would want to draw or play a 2nd EE, except maybe shops? Trying to 'get' a PO player is much harder than it looks since they either just cast PO in response to the EE or I have to hold up 2 mana for the rest of the game.
It can help clean out some monks against mentor, but if I have to do that more than once, I've likely lost that game.
Against shops its great at blowing up a slew of permanents and gets around Thorns/Spheres, but its not worth losing a Truths. My main plan is to basically ignore the Thorns since I have creatures and Deathrite to offset the extra mana cost, and follow that up by just answering all their actual threats 1-for-1 (or better in the case of grudge) and then drawing cards off of truths.

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Another comment: do you feel in a storm matchup, not having clique, makes it more difficult? Similarly, do you feel like 6 cards is enough dredge hate? The last card that I'll ask questions about (for now) Trygun Predator: too awkward to cast for this shell, and not doing enough against the field?

@rbartlet vs Storm Leovold is better than Clique since he has a constant effect on the game vs Clique being one shot disruption. Clique is better vs dark ritual decks, since they tend to go all in on mana and have one payoff spell you can snipe in response to a ritual. PO has replaced ritual as the go to storm deck and that's where Leovold really shines.

As for dredge hate, 6 is fine since Deathrite can naturally disrupt Dredge's plan as well. You still need one of the 6 cards to slow them down, but once you do, you can slowly chip shot the important stuff from the GY.

Trygon has applications vs Oath (but only if he comes down before the namesake enchantment), PO (but only if they are playing out artifacts before the pivotal PO turn), and shops, but the 3 drop slot is very crowded as is. To make it fit, there are only 2 options: Cut some 1-2 drops for it or have it replace other 3 drops.If we cut some 1-2 drops, we are now clogged with 3s, making Truths worse since some of the value of having more cards is being able to play more than 1 card per turn, which requires a smoother/lower mana curve. This leads to wanting to cut Truths, which is really needed for this deck to try and compete with the Mentor decks. If we look at replacing exisiting 3 drops, our options are Truths, Leo, and Dack. As mentioned, Truths is the engine, so I would be loathe to cut them. Leovold is a better disruptive creature than Trygon and is more widely applicable. That leaves the one Dack, who is admittedly not as good against shops as he once was, though still pretty good against blue decks. If your meta is particularly shops heavy, I think you could easily swap the Dack for a Trygon.

Thanks for putting together such a great list and sideboard map! Did you do much testing with Ingot Chewer in the SB for shops? If so, what led you to Claim and Grudge as the preferred removal package?

@messplaypc Since Deathrite helps not getting pinched on mana, Grudge costing 1 more isn't too prohibitive and definitely worth the 2-for-1 vs Chewer. The only thing I really miss about not running Wasteland is clean answer's to Factories, and Grudge trumps Chewer in that regard as well, preventing some Ravager blowouts. The Nature's claims are there as a hedge against random enchantments as well as just diversifying my removal mana curve. Also, I could have done a better job with the SB plan talking about some play/draw considerations. Vs Oath I would cut a Snapcaster or Thoughtseize (depending on the build) for a Claim on the draw to have an extra answer for t1 Oath.

You don't have a problem hitting removal when you essentially only have 4?

Have you thought about JVP for extra dig/flashback?

I don't want to start a list of every card in these colors and just keep saying "why not this, why not that", but have you thought about Kolaghan's Command? More a mainstay of the legacy version.

@Sovarius I have thought about K-command, but its not quite as versatile here as it is in the Legacy version. Base cost of 3 to blow up an artifact is pretty steep when facing down spheres. As for removal, shops is the only matchup where I feel like I need more, but I board in quite a bit there.
JvP has been a consideration, but he fights for the Snapcaster spot as well as making Jace TMS awkward since I can only have 1 going at a time. Snapcaster being able to pressure opposing planeswalkers is also nice and generally has an immediate effect when played so I always get 'value' (vs sometimes when JvP gets plowed/blasted before I can untap).

Now that Mentor (and Thorn) are restricted, along with Ixalan's Spyglass and legend rule change, what important changes would you make, if any?

DRS gets worse with Spyglass possibly becoming a 3-4 of in Shops.
JVP gets better, but can be nailed with Spyglass+Revoker.
Truths doesn't seem to change for better or for worse.

@lordeng1ish I'm actually at a loss for what to do here. DRS is very important for the deck, and spyglass really does a number on it, making it a better 'thorn' to fight the decks mana production. Fewer thorns = fewer eldrazi, so strix is not as important either. I still really like Leovold's position in the meta and many have pivoted back to BUG, but having access to REB/Pyro is the natural progression there to fight other Leo's on the stack. The deck might actually move into a more keeper/4-5CC direction and utilize a City/Mana Confluence mana base to sidestep spyglass (since most current 3+ color decks rely on fetches quite heavily).

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