8/20 /17 Baltimore, MD - Vintage 2K Tournament @ MTGFirst Game Center - 1st place = 1x Mishra's Workshop

MTGFirst Game Center
7602 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21060
410 - 863 - 5858

You asked and we delivered! Time to change it up and experience Magic on the more interesting side of things! Vintage is a fun, and powerful format, and despite cards like Black Lotus and Mishra's Workshop being legal, it's actually quite balanced

And hey, I'm sure your Tops are getting a bit dusty

For this event we decided 15 proxies would be fair. With 15 proxies, You can use a Legacy collection to build most decks, from Eldrazi to Delver to Jeskai Mentor, you can build it all!

And you get to play up to 4 Sensei's Divining Top! You can't really do that anywhere else so yeah... there's that too

Entry Fee: $40
Format Vintage
Registration: 10am
Start Time: 11am
Tournament Structure: Swiss with a cut to top 8
Decklist are required
Come prepared and bring your decklist http://www.wizards.com/DCI/downloads/DecklistConstructed.pdf

@50 Players (Prizes will increase for every 10 player beyond 50)
1st Place: 1x Mishra's Workshop
2nd Place: 1x Library of Alexandria
3rd / 4th Place: 2x Mana Drain (Italian)
5th-8th Place: $100 Store Credit
9th-12th Place: $50 Store Credit

Will see if we can get some NYC folks down. What is the prize support if there are less than 50 players?

Do you have a prize structure if fewer than 50 people show up?

@Jermol_MTGFirst Prize support if there are less than 50 players??

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