8/5/2017 Cayce, SC - Old School 93/94 Charity Tournament

Ever heard of Old School Magic? This amazing format, sometimes referred to as 93/94, is all about the cards from the first 2 years of Magic. Take a stroll down memory lane and raise some money for a good cause. The First Annual 2 Magical Hacks Old School 93/94 Tournament will be Saturday August 5th starting at 1pm at Ready to Play Trading Cards in Cayce, SC. The $10 entry fee will be donated to Harvest of Hope Columbia (please bring cash). Each player will receive an Old School card to be signed by each opponent for participation (similar to the Eternal Central Old School Tournaments). Proxies will be $5 extra per 15 proxies so it is possible to play with a deck consisting of only proxies (but is highly frowned upon. lol). The event will follow the Eternal Central rules for banned and restricted list and card legality (with the exception of allowing proxies). Proxies must be clearly marked with original art (or your best attempt to draw it) and/or all relevant wording for the card including converted mana cost and the correct color of the card (basic lands of the appropriate color are highly recommended and will be available). Swiss rounds with a cut to top 2-8 based on turnout (No draws! We will determine a winner!). This format is all about having fun and playing with some nostalgic and powerful cards like old kitchen table magic with friends. Limited singles will be available as well.

Prize Support:

8-12 Players
Top Prize-Ali From Cairo
Top 4-Beta Disenchant

12-16 Players
Top Prize-Ali From Cairo
Top 4-Beta Disenchant
5th-Beta Island
6th-Beta Swamp
7th-Beta Mountain
8th-Beta Plains

Side events will include:
$2 Raffle-FBB renaissance booster pack
$5 Chaos Orb flipping contest with a CE Chaos Orb for the winner
$5 Riffle Shuffle Challenge-riffle shuffle bulk (we will provide your bulk) as hard and fast as you can the way Richard Garfield intended. Whoever can complete the most successful riffle shuffles in 2 minutes wins. Causing the maximum amount of wear to your bulk will get style points. Prize support FBB renaissance booster pack

Ready to Play Trading Cards
All main event proceeds will go to Harvest Hope of Columbia
For rules, banned and restricted list, or questions about the cards available in the format check out:

Kudos to you and your group for hosting this, I wish you the best!! It's a bit far from me but I look forward to seeing a tournament report from this.

Thanks Loukayza. It's actually just a buddy and myself that play together and decided we wanted to try to get more people in the area and hopefully get some people to travel for it. We thought raising some money for a good cause was how we wanted to give back to the community as well.

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