130 players made it out to Long Island last weekend. This was my first NYSE and I want to thank @Prospero for running a great tournament. You can read his report here, which contains the top8 decklists. I absolutely encourage everyone to make the trip out for the (hopefully occurring) next NYSE.

Congratulations to Ryan Glackin for taking home a lotus and amazing looking trophy!

The spreadsheet can be found here. Let Matt or me know if you spot any errors.

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Big Blue had the highest win percentage against Shops at this tournament. That is reassuring.

We are all uniquely fortunate to have such bright minds that are up to the task of processing so much raw data into these report. Thank you, Ryan (and Matt who is often involved). It's fascinating that Paradoxical had the highest win % but was absent from the Top 8. There certainly was a lot of it floating around near the top tables, but the difference between 7th or 25th place can often just be the difference in a critical game between topdecking a land or topdecking a nonland. Maybe there was some Opal-Screw going on at the wrong moments (really hate that card right now).

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@brianpk80 4th place was outcome mentor iirc

@Bibendum Right. Apologies for lack of explanation in the first post (I'm leaving for Philadelphia this morning and wanted to put this up before then). If you look at the data Paradoxical Mentor was classified as the archetype Paradoxical and tagged with both. The archetype Mentor generally refers to decks running mentor with a gush style cantrip+Dack+delve draw engine. Paradoxical Mentor did well this tournament; Nate made the T8 and some of the Arabian Knights piloted a separate list to strong finishes. Note that the mentor tag had a winrate higher than either the mentor archetype or the paradoxical archetype. This implies (which you can verify with the include/excludes on the tag breakdown sheet) that Paradoxical Mentor decks a higher winrate than Paradoxical decks in general.

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@brianpk80 honestly it felt like the thing stopping me was stony silence. My two losses came from Vito and Jose who both Stony Silence me. PO felt absurd all day long.

I don't think it's a coincidence that all 3 of the Jeskai Mentor decks in the top 8 had at least 2 Stony Silence in their 75. It's the best answer to PO, which I talked about in my podcast tournament report this week.

@Smmenen was there a high amount of people playing white skipping the card?

@mdkubiak said in NYSE Open V Metagame Report:

@Smmenen was there a high amount of people playing white skipping the card?

I dunno. But a number of the recent Jeskai Mentor decks on MTGO, before the NYSE, have only 1 Stony Silence in the 75 or zero.

@Smmenen This is essentially the reason I decided to pilot Outcome Mentor at the event instead of just Mentor.

Is there any word on deck lists being compiled for this event, I understand completely if that is not something you guys are doing as it is a massive amount of work.

I think outcome mentor will continue to succeed as lists become better and better, cutting bad cards like drain for more efficient ones. Props to Hoffman for his list, which is about as aggressive as you can possibly be, and providing one end of the spectrum for us to compare decks to. My list has shifted to be slightly more aggressive (3 mentors instead of 2) but still doesn't include the synod/thoughtcast package and includes more md bounce to deal with thorns, rods, and stonys.

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