Any place for Misdirection in Gush Mentor?

I used to run one copy of misdirection in my online Gush Mentor deck but found myself never having any use for it. Maybe once I managed to misdirect an Ancestral, that's it. Never any misdirected Abrupt decays, or any epic stack battle victories). So currently I never use it and have never faced anyone using it either. I am thinking about turning it to tix in anticipation of Eternal Masters (I mean, the card is so overpriced online that the only way is down for the price). But since I am quite a new player, I was wondering how people with more experience regard misdirection. Has it completely fallen out of favour for good, or can it find a place in the meta-game once more?

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It's not as good as it once was. What are you really misdirecting anyway nowadays? The only thing its good for is that it acts a 5th FoW in a counter battle and that its a blue card. The two other common counterspells are mental misstep and flusterstorm which are very situational to redirect, and misdirection itself is so situational already.

Selling for tix is not a bad idea, imho. I feel the same way if I own one online.

It's not an unreasonable card; as with any meta slot context is key. I found the card vastly more relevant in Delver. So much so that I ran two in my main deck at champs in 2015. I finished just outside top 32 (IIRC) after throwing my last two matches of the day. 😞

FWIW I sucessfully hit a total of five Ancestral Recalls over the course of the day as well as a number of interesting things like Animate Dead that was targeting a Worldgorger Dragon.

In the world of Misstep, you can leverage Misdirection quite a bit. Arguably Flusterstorm can lead to just as many blow outs at the expense of less cards.

My 2c.

I strongly recommend holding on it to it unless you expect a reprint in EMA. If there's a printing that makes it good, there's a decent chance MisD also sees heavier play in Legacy and the price spikes. The effect is already so good that Divert sees sideboard play there.

Personally I would sell it as I am guessing that it will be in Eternal Masters and the price will plummet. The card is good but only occasionally played in both vintage and legacy and once there is supply it won't be worth nearly as much.

Also usually when I have put it in decks I have wanted it to be something else. Sometimes it's great but too often it doesn't do the right thing at the right times. But that's my experience. Other mileage may vary.

Id sell it because it hasnt been truly playable since 2006, and isnt even fringe anymore because Abrupt Decay is in low numbers and Mistep exists.

Had an opponent misdirect my recall, so i mistepped it

@kistrand I would sell it for sure. Its price is a product of low supply and not demand, which means a reprint would have a very significant effect on its value.

As for how good the card is now, its lack of play even in paper metagames (where it's like 2 dollars) says it all.

Thanks to everyone for your replies. I sold it and cashed in for 93 tix. Based on your comments I figured that it is not currently considered essential and, since it is also severely overpriced online, there is not much to lose in selling (especially since already stopped using the card in my decks too). I can always buy a new copy at significantly reduced price If it is printed in EMA, and at the same price if it isn't.

I think I would rather run Mindbreak trap. Mindbreak Trap is also good in counter wars. But trap is not card disadvantage. And also Trap is often better vs strorm. (note you cannot mis-direct a duress. Though you can mis-direct a cabal therapy).

@kistrand you made the right decision for sure. No one can be sure if it will actually be printed soon, but the chance it could show up in EM is high enough that I would error on the side of selling. As soon as it gets reprinted, it will be maybe 5 dollars or less.

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@Princess_Power I'm running a blue heavy oath deck right now and recently cut Misdirect for Mindbreak Trap finding the same things you just pointed out. I will add that Trap does save you more against truely broken openings when you're on the draw. Which I value a lot more than stealing an Ancestral, since people now rarely just blast those out with all the Missteps running around. Basically I think the number of Missteps makes Trap better, as incongruous as that seems on the face of it.

There are 2 blue cards that I want to cram into any blue deck and just never have room for. They feel like they should be auto includes. Their abilities FEEL like they should be powerful cards. But they just fall short. They are misdirect and stifle. I mean my goodness - stop any triggered or activated ability for 1 mana? Change the target of any spell to the target of your choice? How can those NOT be played in T1? But they just aren't. The lack of these cards and how those affects are not as relevant as they should be continues to baffle me to this day. But despite my love of the idea of these cards you just have to recognize that they just dont make the cut.

I've long been a fan of Misdirection, and run it more than anyone else on the VSL.

That said, I think Misdirection has been at its weakest point in the last 12 moths, than any time I can remember in the last 15 years.

It's clear that Misstep put a major dent in Misdirecton's overall utility - but that point has already been made. I think Misdirection was much better in 2014 than it was today. Why would that be?

I think the main problem is Mentor itself. In the Delver mirror, Misdirection could be a game winning play by using an opponent's Bolt to pick off their Pyromancer. But since Mentor is so much harder to pick off in that way, and since Plows are not uniformly used in that way, Misdirection is much weaker since the printing of Mentor. Although Misdirection can be used to protect a Mentor on the stack, it can't be used to take an opponent's removal spell and remove their main threat like it used to be able to do in the Delver mirror.

The other factor is that Abrupt Decay is nowhere near played as much as it used to be. A few years back, people played Abrupt Decay in Oath, Control decks, Keeper decks, and BUG Aggro Control decks. Those decks are much more marginal today.

Other minor points include the one's made about combo, etc.

Misdirection is a useful weapon in the arsenal, but it's probably not your best option right now.

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As much of a fan of Misdirection I am (nothing feels better than stealing Ancestral Recall), it feels pretty weak and underwhelming right now. The last few times I tried it, whenever it was in my hand, I'd either wish it wasn't, or I'd end up pitching it to Force

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