How awesome is Ob Nixilis?

@sovarius In testing it was fantastic when it resolved, often killing a Mentor or Revoker on the spot. Double black was sometimes a problem, but I have since tweaked this list to include a badlands, as it helped smooth out some of the inconsistencies in the manabase.

It is definitely a card with a great WTF factor from opponents, but a second EE, or additional spot removal is probably better long term.

@p3temangus Hi I just got into vintage and am very interested in 4c Leo decks. I was wondering if you had any updates to your list? So far I've playtested a version with 4 bobs and bolts, and kolaghans command and it's been a complete blast (only had match ups against Grixis Thieves and 2 Card Monte)

I've been interested in fitting Kess in somewhere in the deck too.

@bscheidemann Happy to hear you are interested. There have been lots of folks playing 4C Leo Variants lately, though I think most of them have cut Drains and Sphinx toward the Dack/Delve Package. Sphinx is my favorite card printed in the past 10 years so I Jam it in wherever I feel free to cut it. Here is my current list. the third preordain could easily be Ponder, Drains could easily be extra pyroblasts or spell snare if you expect a lot of Oath & Shops. Sphinx could become tasigur, a third leo, or third Shaman. The only other change I have considered is going down to 6 fetches for a badlands to sure up the black and red count, but would only do that if I cut Drains.

7 fetch
2 underground sea
2 tropical island
2 island
2 volcanic island
1 strip mine
4 mox
1 black lotus
2 Deathrite shaman
2 leovold
3 snapcaster mage
1 consecrated sphynx
2 lightning bolt
3 abrupt decay
4 force of will
3 mental misstep
2 mana drain
1 flusterstorm
1 pyroblast
1 dig through time
1 treasure cruise
3 preordain
1 ancestral recall
1 time walk
1 brainstorm
2 jace the mind sculpter
2 ancient grudge
2 dack fayden


Thanks for getting back to me! The list looks great. I’m sure it makes for some real grindy games. I’m going to my first vintage event this weekend and looking forward to running some sort of Leovold deck!

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