[HOD] Bazoret's Undying Fury

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I'll be honest, I don't play combo in Vintage. And this seems much worse than Mind's Desire, that being said, this card looks similar to Mind's Desire.

Does this card have any merit in this format? I don't think it does, but since it has a similar effect to Mind's Desire I figured I would post it. This card might be downright awful and waste of a thread, if so, post that opinion and we can just move on.

They worded it so it doesn't chain multiple copies of the card.

I certainly think there is something there to consider. The effect at least is worthwhile in vintage. And I think 6 mana is a solid price for 4 spells. BUT a 6 mana spell in vintage needs to end the game consistently. I don't know that this will. Imagine this in belcher getting belcher and a few pieces of artifact mana out to end the game. But then again, I think belcher has more consistent ways to do that.

Or in a burn deck. But 6 mana in a burn deck? And you risk getting 0-4 lands. Again, there are cards that do a better job - wheel of fortune gives you 7 cards in hand for half the mana. You could just as easily hit wheel and a lightning bolt for less than this costs.

Good effect. Mana cost is priced right (IE: too high for vintage). Results inconsistent. Not tournament viable.

Is it just me or is it also worded to prevent its use with doomsday.

There's a card like this for URX: Epic Experiment. It's terrible and this card is basically worse.

@desolutionist yeah, Epic Experiment looks better in many ways - scalable, doesn't shuffle so you can cheat stuff on top, blue so it pitches. You would need a very specific permanent-heavy or nonblue combo deck to make Undying Fury better, and Experiment hasn't exactly made any waves.

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Desire is good because its basically uncounterable. This card is not, just like Epic Experiment.

@benjamin_berry well technically you could just make this your top card after a Doomsday to cast the rest regardless, but probably not good enough with that harsh cost.

@Hydra oops I misread. I was thinking it was like Diminishing Returns.

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