Hey guys, if you have any specific requests for things you want to see on site, post a new thread in the "Feature Requests" sub-board . I'm going to use people's upvotes on threads in that board as a way of prioritizing the backlog for new features on the site

I definitely intend on writing up a lengthy post about language and its use. 🙂

would prefer to see an author's username instead of or in addition to their avatar in the forum threads view.

I would also welcome a profile setting that hides all signatures.

I would suggest changing your policy regarding B&R Discussions on TMD. In it's earlier incarnation, it was actively discouraged and threads got locked very often. At a time when TMD was the only place to discuss such things, it might have worked in quelling any such discussion. Today, there are countless other places people can go to discuss it if they want to (Facebook etc...) and prohibiting discussion here is simply sending people elsewhere if they wish to discuss it.

This isn't even a personal request as most of what I believe has to be done to the B&R list isn't something that resonates with a lot of users here and I don't discuss it much. It's more of an example of how prohibiting discussion on TMD simply sends people elsewhere and I'd rather this be the hub for Vintage!

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So no official forum rules have been posted, and not all forum rules will be carried over. A more formal announcement is coming, but for now we can assume that rule 0 on TMD is just

Stay Classy!

In the meantime feel free to have conversations about the b&r list, as long as you can continue to follow rule 0 while doing it

the "Feature Requests" sub-board


Would love a way to block users.

@vaughnbros make a post in the feature-requests board - I don't think that's easy to implement, but definitely not impossible, if people want that I can prioritize it

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