Vintage in Berkeley, CA - July 1st

Tournament starts at 1PM

Up to 15 proxies allowed.
Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8.
100% prize payout in store credit.
$25 entry

I'll be there!

How many participants to you usually see for these events?

The last event had 11 players.

I will also call out: the last event was advertised as having a cut to top 8/4. This did not happen - there were only four rounds of swiss.

Unfortunately, I will be away, so I will miss this event.

Eudo apologized for that. That won't be an issue again. The last event was also a really bad weekend for Vintage. We should have more this time.

Hopefully +1 here! Look forward to meeting some of you Vintage players in person! 🙂

Unfortunately, I'm still under the weather from the bug I picked up in New York (terrible cough) and haven't recovered enough to attend this today.

Sorry I missed this. Still atoning for GP Vegas. Hope to make the next one!

Does anyone have details? I received a few messages on the day asking who was going.

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