2UR: Draw a card, discard a card.

When you draw a card create a 1/1 Flying haste UR insect token

If this dies, return it to your hand at EOT.

Drawing cards is how we make tokens most of the time anyways. Making 5+ damage off a dack and jace every turn seems like a good finisher, and a great planeswalker killer in itself. It has versatility vs all but Swords, grows wide, has evasion as well as its tokens, is blue so obv pitches to FOW, and is on color for most blue decks tertiary color. It can fuel itself with its loot abilityb albiet pricey, but sometimes you got mana and nothing to do.

Being 6 CC might hurt it a little, but I think still has merit and could be playable, especially with Mana Drain being a thing again.

Absolutely bonkers with Skullclamp or Edric.

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This card is on par, or better than, most other 6 mana CC cards.

I think the question isn't which one of these five-six drops is the best, it doesn't really matter which one you choose anymore (inferno titan, sun titan, torrential gearhulk, dragonlord ojetai, etc) it just matters if you can get 6 mana and cast it. If you can, you win.

This is better than Keranos, right? Even for 1 more mana, this seems better, though indestructible is pretty nice. Keranos does have the benefit of not requiring anything to gain value. This god requires draw spells in hand or a crap ton of mana. I agree that this guy goes well with Jace and Dack, but at that point you've probably won the game anyway.

Please let me know when they re-errata Sword to Plowshares to cost 3+ mana, then I'll come back to this thread.

Please keep in mind that this card returns to your hand at the end of the turn, not immediately, which goes against the OP as of this moment. That is a slim but notable difference in power level.

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So I suppose with the card "Beck", you draw your entire deck, putting a creature into play for every card. But I guess it also means you lose for trying to draw a card from an empty library? I suppose you could include a Stifle in the deck and you would draw it so you then could stifle the ability before you deck.

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@desolutionist Whenever a creature enters the battlefield this turn, you may draw a card.

@hardy said in I[HOD] The Locust God:

@desolutionist Whenever a creature enters the battlefield this turn, you may draw a card.

So is this something you would Oath Into? And then it's feasibly castable. Then an incidental Beck wins the game on the spot. Also Jeskai Ascendancy makes this a Mentor on roids.

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@desolutionist I'm trying to think of a way to set this up, but I can't get past the fact that Saheeli Sun Titan seems so much easier.

For 6 mana rather have a Consecrated Sphinx. Making insects is nice but not better than drawing 2 cards to the opponent's one. 6 toughness Sphinx blocks Thought-Knot Seer and survives as well as survives Chandra's -3 for 4 damage while this Locust does not.

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