Mirage Mirror - 3
Artifact - Rare
{2}: Mirage Mirror becomes a copy of target artifact, creature, enchantment, or land until end of turn.

When Phyrexian Metamorph was printed, it took Sculpting Steel and added enough card type versatility to make it playable. Can the same be said for this updated Mizzium Transreliquat?

It's also important to note that this is a combo with Dark Depths, working essentially the same way as Thespian's Stage.

I have no clue if this is broken or not, but what a boatload of versatility for shops. Need an extra wasteland, sure. Attack with an extra creature and then turn it back into an extra sphere, sure.

Mana intense, but love the flavor!!!

Time vault, dark depths, avoid artifact hate, never a dead draw.

I take it back. This is broken. a card that will see lots of play in my opinion. Sorry, 2016/2017 has been the year of hypebole, I felt the need to jump in!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it for my cube.

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This card is pretty awful. You don't want to spend 5 mana to copy a land, unless you get a merit lage.

The merit lage decks don't want to pay 5 mana when they can pay 2 in thespians stage and vampire hexmage.

most cards in shops now have counters, so that's bad. It's a 3 mana artifact so Eldrazi doesn't care to add this card.

So the one scenario it would be playable is as a sideboard card in shops to battle Eldrazi. Okay there it's fine. But there are many other cards you could also play (batterskull, wurmcoil, skysovereign) that are also better in other matchups.

Don't see it.

This card doesn't do anything that isn't already there. Phyrexian metamorph is best of breed for these clone effects. This card doesn't improve on metamorph.


Time vault is good with this card. Would you play it in the same deck, no. So your opponent should never drop a time vault, that's not hard to do.

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That's some high praise coming from you, @gkraigher, since your reviews always seem to be based in Bizarro World.


You know I get most of my reviews right, don't you?

Like calling the Red/green new cycle dual land playable in Legacy lands.

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Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, @gkraigher.


Feel free to cross reference my search:

right and turned out to be good cards:
thought-knot seer
fleetwheel cruiser
paradoxical outcome
recruiter of the guard
sanctum prelate
inventors fair
thalia, heretic cather
hope of ghirapur

right and turned out to be unplabale cards:
ghirapur orretaory
cermonius rejections
aetherworks marvel
tamiyo field researcher
bedlam reveler
wander of the mausoleums

cards i said would be bad and I was wrong about:
emrakul the promised end

cards I said would be good I was wrong about:
aetherfux reservoir
pia's revolution
inspired by moon
snare thopter

cards that still have a chance to prove me right:
harsh mentor

While I did get Dack Fayden wrong, I was one of the first guys in this thread championing Jace Vryn's Prodigy and Jace the Mind Sculptor.

So enjoy living in your fantasy land where my opinions don't matter, because I'm right a lot more often than I am wrong.

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My first though was quashed because you can't copy plainswalkers.

You can use it over several turns to build a one sided smokestack. End of opponents turn copy smokestack. Then for the rest of the game you can turn it back into a smokestack on your eot.

@joshuabrooks said in [HOU] Mirage Mirror:

I take it back. This is broken.

I guess the most relevant question is this: would you rather play this or Voltaic Key if you're looking to combo with Time Vault? I mean, it's more generally useful than Key on its own, but much more expensive to cast.

I don't think it really comes into consideration for Dark Depths unless you're already running it for some other purpose. Reason being, one of the big selling points of Depths is that both parts of the combo are lands and so it's an uncounter-able 20/20.

This loses its copy ability then til eot? Otherwise it would be infinite mana off Grim Monolith and Mana Vault and Scorched Ruins right?

@Serracollector Yeah, it does lose it, but how do you figure it's infinite mana? Making it copy something else for 2 mana doesn't untap it.

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Right. Sorry. Copying doesnt trigger etb efx or "blink" it. Naw, this card is pretty bad, but might fit in a deck with 4 Workshop, 4 Urborg, 4 Hexmage, 4 Depths, 4 Stages, and 4 Maps.

I like that this can be a proactive answer to some of the "must answer immediately" threats in the format. IE, I don't have to wait for you to have Griselbrand or Time Vault or Blightsteel Collosus on the board before I cast the Mirror. I can play it now and you're going to want to answer it before putting out that big splashy permanent.

It's also cool that if this card isn't so great in the matchup, I can still get some level of value out of it.

I don't know that this is vintage playable, but I see this going into pretty much every single EDH deck.

Playable or not, this is such a cool card.

Why did Depths Shops stop seeing play? While this does not to me seem like a home run, it does seem like it could have a home if something like that came back. It does many things, but few of them seem worth a card without being a big finisher.

@WashableWater said in [HOU] Mirage Mirror:

Why did Depths Shops stop seeing play? While this does not to me seem like a home run, it does seem like it could have a home if something like that came back. It does many things, but few of them seem worth a card without being a big finisher.

Depth Shops was a hybrid that was dependent on Lodestone Golem for it's plan B. The restriction of Lodestone Golem killed that archetype.

Why did it need a plan b?

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