NYSE Open Vintage FNM and Old School Sunday 6/23 and 6/25

Its that time again once a year when The Comic Book Depot participates in the NYSE Open weekend. We have two fantastic events that correspond with the NYSE Open on Saturday June 24th

Friday, June 23rd, 2017
6:30 pm registration
7:00 pm (sharp!) start
15 proxy's

All entry fees will add a commensurate amount in store credit to the prize pool. At the end of four rounds, credit will be split between the players who finished with 4-0, 3-0-1 and 3-1 records.

This event will be complete before 11:00 pm, giving you an opportunity to jam some Vintage and practice for the event all while you don't sacrifice your night's rest.

Then on Sunday
Sunday Old School Magic at the Depot!

Finally, there will be an Old School tournament on Sunday to close out the N.Y.S.E. Open weekend!


Sunday, June 25th
11:30 am registration
12:00 pm (sharp!) start


$20, un-sanctioned Old School tournament.

For information on rules, sets allowed, and any other queries, please check the link below:


Prize structure for twenty people:

1st: $200 credit
2nd: $100 credit
3rd/4th: $50 credit

$20 credit will be added to the prize pool for every entrant beyond the twentieth.

The Comic Book Depot
2847 Jerusalem Ave
Wantagh, NY 11793

@comicbookdepot thanks! For old school, is it nyoldschool rules or eternal central? (I'm seeing conflicting reports). If nyoldschool, are proxies allowed? The website for nyoldschool isn't clear.


I'm flying in from out of state and will need a Mana Drain for the weekend. I heard you might have some in stock? If so can you please have one available for me to purchase at the FNM?

@desolutionist I have one left that I will hold for you.

@RagingRiver New York Old School rules merged with E.C. rules, so it's E.C. rules for everybody.

Good luck to everybody next weekend. I'll be in Orlando with one of my kids for a school trip. But I'm looking forward to some good reports when I get back.

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