SMIP Podcast #66 - A Look Back at the SCG P9 Series

Remember the good old days of the Starcitygames Power Nine Series? Remember driving to Virginia, upstate New York or even Chicago to play Vintage with hundreds of players?

We do. We take a look back at the experience - and legacy - of that famed series.

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss the history and legacy of the StarCityGames Power 9 tournament series.

Podcast (somanyinsaneplays): Download (Duration: 1:27:34 — 95.2MB)

0:00:10: Announcements: Upcoming events, including NYSE V
0:03:00: New MTGO Weekly Vintage Challenge
0:11:00: GP Las Vegas Eternal events
0:12:30: Swedish Old School Restricted List Update: Maze of Ith
0:14:45: Old School Combo article
0:21:00: The beginning of the StarCityGames Power 9 Series
0:31:00: Storm 10 / Meandeck Tendrils
0:40:00: SCG Syracuse 2005
1:05:00: Trinisphere’s Restriction
1:20:00: Proxies and their effect on the series and format
1:24:00: The Legacy of the SCG Power 9 Series
Total Runtime: 1:27:34

– Quarterfinals – Kevin Cron vs. Jeff Anand
– Semifinals – Eli Kassis vs. Kevin Cron
– The Two-Headed Finals – Kevin Cron
– The Two-Headed Finals – Bob Kochis

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Love the deference shown to the format's history.

SCG P9 series had a great influence in my area. We started playing proxy Vintage because of it. It was the best time for Vintage IMO. A lot of exposure, a lot of interest in the format... it was never the same once Legacy came to existence.
Now the VSL is doing something similar for the format: raising "awareness". I miss the good old 10-proxy Vintage ❤

I played in 3 of these events, Richmond x2 and Rochester (including some memorable games against you, @Smmenen) but, with some exceptions, I always thought the attendance was underwhelming. I have not had a chance to listen, so I am not sure if this is mentioned, but it is something that always struck me as strange considering the (at the time) unprecedented prize support.

I: can't wait to listen to this. I wasn't around for most of that stuff because I had quit Magic after Masques block. Also there was no Vintage scene around here that I was aware of.

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