Did a Vintage Challenge occur today? I was out and about on the holiday weekend and totally forgot it would be the new normal day for them. I didn't see a stream recording for any of the normal people I follow. Thanks!

@mtgGreg Yes, it fired with 49 players. Ryan and I are waiting until they post the top 32 decklists as it allows us to be more accurate with our deck classification. Since they now occur weekly, we feel a delay of 24 hours or so is acceptable.

I watched at least one game featuring each player in the Top 8, and the Top 8 was roughly:

4 Shops (winner)
2 Jeskai Mentor (Diophan in the finals)
1 Delver/Pyromaner (I lost to him in round 1, and he beat Chubby Rain in round 6).
1 Seat of the Synod deck (which I assume is a PO deck of some type)

I might be off by one deck or two, but I think that's what I saw.

I didn't see enough of Chubby Rain's deck in 9th place to know exactly what he played because he got blown out by the Delver player, but I saw JVP, Plows and Paths, so it's a good bet the 9th place deck was a Mentor deck as well.

Jazza, who got 1st in the swiss last week, and scooped since the program gave him all the prizes, landed in the Top 16.

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Jazza is tearing it up just like Montolio was last year. Prediction: Jazza wins NYSE with Shops

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